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The Flamespewer was an incendiary weapon developed during the Great Galactic War that was used by the Galactic Republic and Barbarian forces. It saw widespread use due its military applications as an explosive, obstruction clearer and infantry weapon. The weapon utilized tibanna in its liquid form. It was deemed to be too dangerous to effectively use during the Great Galactic War because of its potential to explode or backfire on its operator. It would continue to to be seen that way until the Republic forces created a smaller, more efficient and safer version that housed compressed tibanna gas rather than the tibanna liquid. The liquid was highly flammable and could create large plumes of "liquid fire" which, if contacted by the skin of most sentient beings, would adhere strongly and cause severe burns. The gas is expelled through the gun assembly by its own pressure and was ignited at the exit of the barrel through a sensory ignition, a sensor that would trigger an ignition sequence.

Republic forces would use it on jungle or forested worlds to clear away foliage, while Barbarians would use it almost exclusively for military reasons. It was not until the Star Wars that the weapon would be miniaturized and encased in armor on the backs of troopers; before then, the troops would have open backed, large tanks which caused many accidents during the war due to stray blaster fire or lightsaber damage. Battles of Corellia and Saleucami were known for their prevalence of flamespewers. The flamespewer experienced reduced role during the Star Wars and was phased out shortly after.

Smaller, lighter flamespewers were used by Jet-pack troopers. Those utilized a gauntlet sleeve and the jetpack's fuel to power the weapon rather than the more explosive and volatile tibanna.

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