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Fission has the potential to be very useful and beneficial to the galaxy, but if it is misused it symbolizes the destroyer of worlds. Be careful how and where you use it.
Mason Quarrell speaking to Scott Borek about the possibilities and pitfalls of Force Fission

Force Fission was a neutral Force power discovered by Scott Borek between 22-8 BBY. This power came about after the discovery of Dispersion, another Force power discovered by Scott Borek, but instead of splitting and spreading the energy to neutralize it Fission focused on using the energy. It could create residual nuclear radiation at the point of focus, or the epicenter of the split, and effectively make the area uninhabitable and unusable for years. It gradually weakened as one got farther from the epicenter.


Force Fission was the ability to split an object using the Force. An adept in the Force could split something as small as an atom, thereby creating large amounts of energy and destructive power. The power was the exact opposite of Force Fusion, and it was less effective in water.


It could be used as a power source if the planet or vehicle had a nuclear reactor to control the amount of fission. One act of Force Fission could power 60,000 buildings or homes. Fission also could be used for military purposes. The energy created from splitting atoms or an object created a large explosion and electromagnetic activity. The explosion would destroy anything it encountered and the EMP could shutdown all equipment the enemy faction was using.


Force Fission was a cheap and reliable power source that was better for the environment than other types of power plants in the galaxy. It was also an effective weapon for when it was impractical to use bombs or lasers, or when the supplies and explosives were not available in a sufficient amount.


If the reactor was not properly taken care of the resulting meltdown could destroy an entire village or city. Also the fallout from splitting atoms made the area uninhabitable for many years and had negative effects on the environment.

Known users

The only known user of Force Fission was Scott Borek.

Behind the scenes

Force Fission was inspired by the Manhattan Project and the discovery of nuclear energy.

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