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The Infinite Empire Predorate of the Mure, more commonly known by the retronym First Predorate in Basic and as the Mrâdorûtinwotok in the Sith language,[7][8] was a successor state of the Rakata Infinite Empire formed in the wake of its fall in 25,200 BBY.[2][5][6] An independent system-state, the Predorate ruled the fortress world of Mure and the greater Mure system, an artificially created star system known as "the Mure" that sat atop the galactic bulge near the northern border of the Intergalactic Void.



The First Predorate was the brainchild of Osraa, a Rakata predor from Tulpaa who had found himself stranded on Mure during the arrival of the Rakatan plague to the Mure system. Bereft of the Force on account of the plague,[4][9] the Rakata were unable to make use of their Force-based technology[4] and soon faced slave revolts on Mure led by their Force-sensitive Force Hounds. Osraa united the disparate remnants of the Rakata under his banner, withdrawing from the supercontinents of Upper and Lower Mure to the walled city-states and defended archipelagos in the equatorial Encircling Sea.

Birth of the Predorate

In an effort to keep the Rakata society from completely collapsing, Osraa and his followers developed and instituted a revised form of government called the predorate that was inspired by the traditional krato-magocracy of the Infinite Empire.[5][4] Under this system of government, the city-states of the Rakata were ruled by sub-predors[3] chosen by the Rakata priesthood from among the strongest, most intelligent, and most influential members of the local citizenry. From among these rulers was drawn the Predor of Mure, an individual confirmed by the priesthood and elected by the sub-predors who ruled the predorate and preserved the ancient ways of the Rakata.

False narratives

In an effort to prevent chaos from engulfing Mure as it had other worlds in the Empire, Osraa and the priesthood of the Predorate refused to acknowledge that the Infinite Empire had indeed fallen. Nominally, the Predors of Mure were still formally answerable to the Daritha[2][1] and Over-Predor[3] of the greater Empire, a polite fiction that the Predorate pushed on its citizenry and taught to its younger generations for many millennia after its founding. With Mure's significance as a crossroads system diminished in the wake of the Empire's fall, no contradictory reports arrived from the galaxy challenging such narratives, and such lies continued to be taught as fact for generations.

Final days

Though the First Predorate lasted over sixteen thousand years in isolation from the greater galactic community, it eventually fell when Rakata priest-scientists aboard the Monolith turned their Force telescopes on the galactic plane below and discovered proof of the Infinite Empire's fall. Between 9066 BBY and 5399 BBY, light that last left Rakata colonies in the Deep Core and Core Worlds[5] during the events of 25,200 BBY first arrived in the Mure system. The undeniable revelation that the Empire had fallen and the First Predorate had lied led to a millennia-spanning period of chaos and civil conflict that destroyed the successor state for good.


Despite its many flaws, the First Predorate successfully managed to keep some semblance of the Rakata way of life as it existed during the Pax Rakata alive during the long dark ages of the Murese Postantiquity. Following the arrival of the Sith-blooded Kûskûshnwûlanjattsisottoikut on Mure in 4990 BBY and the end of the Sith-Rakata War, the First Predorate served as the inspiration for the Second Predorate, a similar government that successfully consolidated the Sith and Rakata populations of Mure under one banner for millennia.


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