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The First Imperial Crusade was the official title given to the subjugation of Oversector 771/2793, by the Syneseynth Imperial Union. However, at the time, it was referred to as the War of Victory, but historians re-named it after the Second Imperial Crusade.


After the mass destruction caused during the Usurption Era, the Galaxy collapsed. With no stable government to follow, piracy reigned, and many small warlords began to rise up. In Oversector 771/2793, the last Imperial stronghold, many new Empires arose. These were founded by former Imperial military personal, whom took their armies and declared independence. They often backed up their secession with claims that they were the rightful rulers of the Empire, and related to previous Emperors. One of these, the Syneseynth Imperial Union, was based at New Bastion. It was the rightful successor to the Imperial throne, as Emperor Korvast Ieumbarec, was the son of the second cousin to Fenrir Iuo, who had been the last Emperor of the Previous Empire.

Ieumbarec began to make plans to capture the Oversector, using a large military force he had maintained. He did this by ensuring the loyalty of his commanders and personally visiting troops and inspecting ships.

Nuvelexis trade spine campaign

Ieumbrec's first move was against the small and fragile Nuvelexis Trade Empire. The Nuvelexis had a small holding in the oversector, but this was centered in the sector, and most of its trade routes passed through there. This would allow the Syneseynth Imperial's to strike anywhere. The Nuvelexis had a small fleet, mainly large, bulk transports, but had a military presence.

Ieumbarec's forces quickly enveloped the Nuvelexis, cutting off all routes of escape. Old Victory-class Star Destroyers were used for this task, as the Nuvelexis had nothing to combat them. They were equiped with Connor Nets, allowing them to capture enemy ships.

Eventually, after Nuvelexis Twelve was surrounded, the Nuvelexis surrendered, pledging all their military and planets to Ieumbarec.

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