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Old Republic era

The Hutt War—it just sorta came out of nowhere. Everyone, at least on our side, keeps looking for one person to blame, but that's not fair. We're all to blame. Our arrogance at the thought of everlasting peace made us feel invincible. Now we're forced to see if we're really as invincible as we thought.
Alcor Bac

The First Hutt War, also called the Hutt War, was a galaxy-wide conflict in 12,979 BBY between the Galactic Republic and the Hutt Empire. Also participating in the war was the Jedi Order, which aligned itself with the Republic, and the Dark Jedi of the Bogan, who did not take a stand with either of the two factions.


The beginning of the conflict was the result of years of hyperspace exploration by the Republic. After the Alsakan Crisis between the Republic and the religious Alsakan Union in 13,000 BBY, the Republic sent dignitaries through the explored hyperspace routes to numerous worlds that gained entry into the Republic, as well as exploratory vessels into the Outer Rim Territories. This brought them into an encounter with the Hutt Empire, which believed the Republic was attempting to encroach upon its territory.

The Republic and the Hutts met on the Hutt capital of Nal Hutta to discuss the situation, but they were unable to resolve the tensions between the two galactic bodies. After years of difficult relations for the two sides, the war began, but it was unknown who fired the first shots. The war began with a skirmish in the Mid Rim, which saw the Republic retreat due to the Hutt superiority in the battle.

In the six months after the battle, Hutt forces progressed throughout the mid rim. Some planets were taken be force and others persuaded to ally with the Hutts due to a lack of allies in their local areas. The push eventually culminated in the Battle of Corellia which was repelled by the Republic forces.

After being stopped for a moment, the Hutts found several independent organizations including the Sontebren Crew and the Phoenix Corps. The Hutts then offered alliances with both organizations but was then able to turn both organizations on each other and incorporate their membership into its ranks including Poknor Tiwsferum, the eventual Admiral.

While the Hutts acquired criminal organizations and businesses, the Republic prepared itself to reclaim planets and to capture Hutt home worlds. An ambitious plan was concocted by Homer Salandra to retake both Bespin and Mon Calamari. Republic ships were sent to both worlds to begin the process of capturing them. Expectedly, Taung fleets stood to defend both planets and engaged the Republic in ongoing battles. As that was occurring, Hutt forces led by Venator Furtificus attacked Iktotch, an independent planet. After easily defeating their forces, Venator sent Poknor and Mandalore to surround the Republic fleet at Mon Calamari. With the fleet surrounded, Venator was able to bring both battles to a standstill as he threatened annihilation on both Republic fleets should they shoot. From there, he attempted negotiation with the Supreme Chancellor but the Chancellor would not meet his demands thus allowing the destruction of most of the Mon Calamari fleet.

In another part of the galaxy, a man known as a Republic General Strix appeared before the Jedi and mentioned that he discovered the location of Mandalore, the leader of the Taung. Given the Taung role in the Hutt army, the Jedi were eager to eliminate him for once and for all. With a complement of Republic troops, Jedi headed out to Concord Dawn, a Taung world. As they left for Concord Dawn, Dark Jedi found the temple and began an assault there. With much of their force on Concord Dawn, the Jedi were less able to defend them. By the end of the Battle at the Temple, the Bogan had carried out an attack which severely damaged the temple. At Concord Dawn, the Republic and Jedi forces were led into a trap causing the death of many soldiers and Jedi.

With disaster befalling the Republic on all sides, a vote was called, the Election of 12,978 which catapulted Jamall Mohatu to the Chancellorship. One of his early actions was to initiate a blockade on Republic. Some Hutts then responded by announcing that they would be accepting of corporations as long as they did not arm the Republic. This brought Jade Galactic, a rapidly growing corporation into conflict with Sector 13, a Republic spy network. Eventually, Sector 13 was able to find and defeat Daska leaving the organization in the hands of a maniacal AI. Within a few weeks, the maniacal AI ended up blowing up the Jade Shipyards and left for the planet of Mygeeto along with a few other devoted followers.

Meanwhile, the Hutts made an alliance with the Bogan first through hyperlink channels and then mostly in person at Nar Shadaa. There were few problems despite a plan by Sector 13 to disrupt the meeting. Shortly after the Hutt Council launched the Hutt Coup where Tusa, a major member of the council trapped and killed Malgarr. Shortly after, Tusa dealt with dissidents and launched an offensive against the Republic at Bothawui and Denon. As the battles unfolded at both planets, the Hutts initially faced little resistance. However, Adara and Tran Xu moved in to defend Denon and Bothawui. At Denon, there were some initial problems but the Republic forces held firm. At Bothawui, Tran Xu's small fleet harassed the Hutt fleet for while till reinforcements arrived. For a moment, full scale battle erupted between the two fleets but while they were fighting, Mohatu called the fleet back leading to defeat.

After those battles, Tusa offered a peace to the Republic but it was a mere ruse allowing him to attack the senate with a powerful sonic weapon. Many senators died in the attack. Tusa then launched another wave of attacks. The Taung made a raid at Balmorra which destroyed small parts of a city and was surprisingly able to escape the impending counter-attack. Rhommamool and Yag'dhul were attacked, both falling to the Hutts who found that to some degree, their victories were Pyrrhic. The Republic also launched its own assault concurrently at Ando Prime where they were driven back after many losses. Another assassination occurred soon after taking out the Prime Minister and Alcor Bac.

A peace treaty was then signed ending the Hutt War in Hutt victory as they had claimed several new territories for themselves suffering few losses.

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