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The First Galactic Alliance Civil War was a galactic-wide conflict fought between the Galactic Alliance and the Anti-Yuuzhan Vong Coalition from 127 ABY to 130 ABY.


The causes of the Alliance civil war can be traced back to the Ossus project.The Jedi belived that Vong bio tech could be used to restore worlds devasted by the Vong war and other conflicts. Duros is a prominent example of how Vong bio tech can be used for good instead of evil. Darth Krayt watched the Ossus project with growing interest and believed he could use the Ossus project to further his own goals. So Darth Krayt had Darth Maladi and recently discovered Zenoq Quah work on a way to sabotage the Ossus project. Darth Maladi and Zenoq Quah evetually discoverd a way to sabotage the Ossus Project and with the approval of Darth Krayt, the evil duo began sabotaging worlds transformed by the Ossus project. The first world sabotaged was Wayland and Wayland was the second succeful transformed by the Ossus project. Various worlds that were devastated during the Vong war and the recently failed Ossus project are demanding justice and also many wordls believed this to be a new attempt by the Vong to conquer the galaxy. When

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