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The First Eddfreddf battalion was formed around 300,000 BBY by a 17 year old Mandalorian boy named Eddfreddf Winston on his quest for freedom. The Battalion was still going strong when the Interplanetary Republic was at large. They fought with skill throughout the Annihilation War to destroy the Interplanetary Republic. The Battalion also stood firm against the ideas of tyranny, democracy, dictatorships, and monarchy. they preferred to do whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted. No one could defeat them as a whole.


All for All

This is a team. Therefore, you have a choice to make: to die fighting, or to work together and overcome any foe.
—Eddfreddf Winston

The First Eddfreddf battalion always worked as a team, and they could defeat anyone dumb enough to challenge them. They were thought to be invincible, and that was believed at the time. No one could stand before them.

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