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Second Nockudumey Civil Conflict[1]


Incident on Adirof's moon[2]

First Duel in the Chancellor's Office
Office duel



21 BBY[3]


Chancellor's Suite[3]


Anakin Skywalker defeats and spares Dular. Dular presents evidence to Palpatine.[3]


Jedi Order[3]

Jedi Order[3]



Anakin Skywalker[3]




I'm not a traitor, Anakin. I've come to clear my name.
Dular to Anakin Skywalker[src]

The First Duel in the Chancellor's Office was a duel that occurred in 21 BBY between Anakin Skywalker and Dular. Accused of being a traitor to the Republic for assisting former Nockudumey terrorist leader Bodotor Thuvat, who Dular was convinced was innocent, in escaping Republic custody, the Jedi sought to clear his name with evidence brought to him by a Mandalorian named Daklif Ordo. After receiving access to the Republic Executive Building, he eventually made his way to Chancellor Palpatine's office, where he encountered Anakin Skywalker. Loyal to the Chancellor, Skywalker dueled and defeated him. Because of both the Jedi Code and his previous friendship with Dular, Skywalker spared him, to Chancellor Palpatine's disappointment. Daklif Ordo then entered with Jedi Master Mace Windu and presented evidence which cleared Dular's name.


Dular defense

Dular defending himself against clone troopers.

You're the one whose name needs to be cleared, Human, and you're the only one of us who needs to get to Coruscant!
Daklif Ordo to Dular[src]

The Jedi Knight Dular had been convinced that former Nockudumey terrorist leader and captive Bodotor Thuvat had been intending to bring the Nockudumey back to what they were originally intended to be, which, supposedly, did not involve terrorism, and that his interrogator, Kyle Krenis, would kill him through torture. However, after finding Thuvat in a Republic prison cell, clone troopers who assumed him to be a traitor attempted to prohibit his exit.[1] Dular felt forced to defend himself, although he attempted to inflict the least fatal injuries on the clones possible. Therefore, he was declared to be a traitor to the Republic on the HoloNet, and to have made deals with the Nockudumey Terrorists.[4]

Soon after, he acquired the assistance of Republic Captain Raymus Drewton[4] and a Mandalorian named Daklif Ordo, the latter of which supposedly had evidence which proved his and Bodotor Thuvat's innocence. The three attempted to plan what they should do next on the Legacy, but the Star Destroyer was raided by the 217th Legion. Raymus stayed on board as to act as a distraction so that Dular and Ordo could both escape to Coruscant. Once on the surface, Dular identified himself to guards of the Republic Executive Building as Sifo-Dyas, who in reality had died eleven years prior. They failed to recognize him, and he was granted access into the building. He then proceeded to Supreme Chancellor Palpatine's office.[3]

The duelEdit

Jedi kill prisoner

Anakin Skywalker raising his lightsaber for a killing blow.

Anakin Skywalker: “I don't want to have to do this…I'm not your enemy. But I must protect the Chancellor.
Dular: “Just let me talk to him.
Anakin Skywalker: “I...cannot.

Anakin Skywalker and Dular[src]

Once inside Palpatine's office, Dular found not the Chancellor, but Anakin Skywalker,[3] another Jedi Knight who he had fought with during the Battle of Sriran.[5] Though Skywalker did not completely believe that Dular was a traitor to the Republic, he was dedicated to protecting the Chancellor. Thus, a lightsaber duel commenced. As they dueled, Dular attempted to distract the other Jedi by showing him memories of when they had once sparred, through the Force. He then tried to leap towards the Chancellor's desk, but was instead telekinetically thrown into it by his opponent.[3]

As Skywalker raised his lightsaber for what would be a killing blow, he hesitated, and Dular reminded him that Jedi did not kill their prisoners. A moment later, the voice of Chancellor Palpatine himself could be heard. Standing behind Skywalker, he approved of his victory and ordered him to finish him off. When the young Jedi showed his surprise over the suggestion, Palpatine told him that their friendship was no longer relevant, and that Dular's words of evidence being brought were only meant to fool him. Anakin, however, refused, saying that Jedi did not kill their prisoners, repeating the words of his fallen opponent.[3]


Officeduel aftermath

Anakin Skywalker and Dular after the duel.

You'd brought evidence, and I should have just let you show it to the Chancellor. I never did believe you were a terrorist. And I apologize.
—Anakin Skywalker to Dular[src]

Jedi Master Mace Windu and Daklif Ordo then entered, the latter having evidence of Bodotor Thuvat's innocence—the history of the Nockudumey from its origins to recent events—and with it, Dular's. Palpatine, however, seemed to consider the evidence insufficient, until Dular's former Master, Idnum-Ki, entered, saying that only one who wanted Dular dead would "condemn the truth" that had been brought to them. After appearing to rethink his position, the Chancellor declared Dular innocent, though Thuvat's trial would be postponed. In addition, he apologized for his actions, and stated that he was glad for Dular's innocence and that he had done an injustice to the Jedi.[3]

Soon after, Skywalker apologized to Dular for fighting him, saying that he should have simply let him show the evidence to Palpatine. The other Jedi accepted the apology, and said that he was looking forward to fighting on the battlefield with him once again as they had at Sriran.[3]


Skywalker's decision to spare Dular despite the Chancellor's request influenced Dular's decision not long after of whether to spare or kill his Master, who had revealed himself to be Darth Taral, a Sith. If not for the memory of what Skywalker had done, Dular would have struck the final blow upon Taral—or would have attempted to.[6]

Ironically, in 19 BBY, during one of the last battles of the Clone Wars, Anakin Skywalker chose to kill Separatist leader Count Dooku, unarmed at the time, at the Chancellor's request, shortly before becoming the Sith Lord known as Darth Vader.[7]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Duel in the Chancellor's Office was written and conceived by author Andrew Barton for Star Wars The Drewton Legacy Chapter 21: Conflict of Interests. While the author considers Dular to potentially be more powerful than an average Jedi, he did not want to portray him as being more powerful than Anakin Skywalker, and therefore had him defeated. The part of the duel in which Skywalker spared Dular was meant to resemble the scene in which Skywalker kills Dooku, an unarmed prisoner, in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, and to show Anakin's attachment, as well as the fact of who the unarmed opponent was making a difference in his decisions.


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