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Keltrayu: “If we give them Tershin, Rin's gonna kill us!
Tariun Sakaros: “If we don't retreat now, they're gonna kill us!
―Keltrayu and Tariun prepare to evacuate Tershin

The First Battle of Tershin was an engagement of the Great Liberation in which the Iscali colony world of Tershin was captured by the Tetrarchy of Mezlagob.

Having retreated to the Romasi sector following its defeat at the Battle of Hudrel, the Golden Empire attempted to deploy its Armada carefully, defending key systems while leaving less vital ones open to invasion in the interest of safeguarding means of production. Tershin and its Iscali colonists were major contributors to the success of the Empire and its Navy, and Rin ordered the system to be held. Tariun Sakaros and Keltrayu both went to lead the defense.

The Empire's fleet was unable to hold the line against a Tetrarchy battle group nearly twice its size and, following the destruction of one battle cruiser and damage to several more, the fleet retreated. On the ground, Tariun and Keltrayu led the battle against the Tetrarchy soldiers. While Tershin's planetary shields held, the two Force users directed their ground troops against invading sentients and droids, and their lightsaber wreaked havoc among enemy troops. When Tershin's shields fell, however, Tariun convinced Keltrayu that they had to retreat. The two and several transports worth of troops fled over the surface, evading turbolasers to escape into hyperspace from Tershin's opposite side.

Tershin became a foothold in Royal territory for the Tetrarchy invaders, but was retaken months later.


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