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Rise of the Empire era

It is time for action! We will hide and cower and fear these pirates no longer! LAUNCH ALL 55 OF OUR DREADNAUGHTS AND THEIR RESPECTIVE ESCORT FORCES! WE WILL UTTERLY DESTROY THESE PIARTES!
Gilian Orikan at beginning of battle

The First Battle of Ris'danon was a huge battle that launched the start of a long conflict between Sith that supposedly didn't even exist and a young three-armed Human Jedi named Dak Jesser. The battle happened partly on the surface of Ris'danon and partly in orbit of the planet. Orion Forte and his White Star Pirates picked Ris'danon as their first victim and wanted to conquer the planet. Dak Jesser, after winning a tournament and proving his worth to the Jedi Masters, was sent by the Jedi Council to defend the planet from this threat. Dak Jesser joined with Brown Squadron and told Ris'danon's leaders to send the planet's army up to fight with the pirates. Eventually, in the middle of the battle, Darth Subeth came with his entire army and nearly destroyed both other armies. This battle was unusual in that a ground battle came before the space battle (though another, smaller ground battle did happen after the space battle).

After the massive battle, after Darth Subeth took over the Mid Rim planet, Dak Jesser returned to Coruscant to tell the Jedi Council about the sudden return of the Sith. This sparked a long sequence of missions against Darth Subeth and his army, most of which were accomplished by Dak Jesser. It wasn't until after many long years that Darth Subeth was permanently removed from Ris'danon.


The day after Dak Jesser won the Annual Jedi Apprentice Tournament of 63 BBY, Dak Jesser was asked to come to the Jedi Council. The Councilors informed Dak Jesser that a large pirate fleet had been orbiting the Mid Rim planet Ris'danon for a month without showing any sign of a coming invasion. They said that after winning the tournament the way he did, Dak Jesser confirmed the Council's thoughts that Dak was the best Jedi Apprentice in the galaxy. With that statement of praise, they said Jesser was the apprentice most fitting for a mission like this. He was asked to go to Ris'danon and settle down to life on the planet. He was tasked with finding out how the orbiting fleet was overall affecting the citizens' lives and how they were feeling.

Dak Jesser, of course, accepted the mission without any doubt or hesitation. Not until he accepted did he realize the Council hadn't given him the whole mission. He began to leave the Council Room, but Yoda told him to stay. He then informed Dak that if the pirates showed any sign of invasion at all, even the slightest rumors of invasion, he was to fly straight into the leading ship of the fleet. Yoda said he could sense a few Force-sensitives in that pirate fleet, and Dak Jesser was to do whatever he could to stop them from taking over the planet.

After being told about this near-suicidal mission, Dak was much more reluctant to go on the mission, but he had already agreed, and he loved challenges anyway. Dak left the next day and flew straight to Ris'danon, and landed in the city of Ris'hihor. He rented a home and settled down to ordinary life on the planet.

Ground battle

Two months after Dak Jesser came to Ris'danon, the White Star Pirates sent their first regiment to the planet surface to do some damage. This invasion was very unexpected with no previous hint at this action. Dak Jesser was startled so badly he nearly fell out of his seat when he heard about the invasion. Dak Jesser came to Ris'corbak where the pirates landed and found chaos. Pirates and battle droids of various types running around destroying everything they saw. More expert assassins hiding in the shadows, picking off anybody who resisted the destruction, hidden from eyesight, but obvious through the Force. Dak Jesser began destroying every single battle droid or pirate who came anywhere near him, but he couldn't stop many citizens from being killed. The planet had very few ground soldiers ready in the area, and by the time other soldiers could arrive, the city was already halfway destroyed. The city was almost completely destroyed by the time all visible pirates and droids were destroyed.

Once Ris'corbak was finally pirate-free, Dak Jesser began searching the areas around the city. He found an abandoned factory, but he knew it was occupied, as two men were standing guard. Dak got suspicious and quickly desposed of the guards before they could transmit any help message. He cut the door down with his lightsaber and ran inside. He found many droids patrolling the corridors, so he decided to be a little more careful. He still had to cut down a few droids and pirates that saw him, but was otherwise successful in his stealth. For awhile, that is. He came to a storage room filled with crates. Suddenly, before even Dak's great Jedi reflexes could help him, out from behind the crates jumped around fifty droids. Ten of them shot him with stun blasts and he was knocked unconscious immediately.

When Dak Jesser woke up a half hour later, he was staring straight into the face of Dargus Helranth, obviously a Jedi from his stance. Odd, Dak thought, because he had not sensed any Force-sensitive presences in the building before. Obviously this man was an expert at Force Stealth. But, Dak knew he was faster than this man. So, pretending to be hurt badly but really just building up energy, he began to talk to this man, who of course, "knowing" that Dak was nearly dead, told him all about who he was. In the middle of Dargus talking, Dak used a huge burst of energy and blasted off running at over 30 miles per hour. Dargus, who Dak had learned was not capable of speeds that fast, could not chase him. And so Dak escaped to rest. The next day he came back and completely destroyed the entire factory, Dargus and all the other people in it included.

Space battle

Ris'danon launches its Dreadnaught army.

Dak Jesser, now realizing that these pirates were determined to either destroy or capture this whole planet, did something the Jedi had not told him to---meet the leaders of the planet and have them launch the planet's unusually large fleet. It took some persuading, but the planet's military leader, Gilian Orikan, eventually launched the whole army.

Search for Leaders

Since he was sure there were no more pirates on the planet's surface to worry about, Dak Jesser joined up with Brown Squadron, Ris'danon's most elite commando/pilot force. Soon after Ris'danon launched their army into the planet's orbit, Brown Squadron flew up into the heart of the enemy fleet and landed inside Orion Forte's personal capital ship. Once inside, they slowly and cautiously sneaked toward the bridge of the ship. When they reached it, Dak Jesser and Orion Forte engaged in a lightsaber duel. In the middle of the fight, the ship shook violently from a big blast.

Absolute Destruction

This strong blast came from a Sith fleet: the Hidden Sith Army. Darth Subeth had come, apparently with his whole army. Dak Jesser and Brown Squadron ran to the Hangar Bay and got in their ships to fly away. Not long after they left the ship, it exploded. In the chaos of the battle that followed, Brown Squadron sneaked into Darth Subeth's personal ship. There, Dak fought Darth Subeth and lost. Only a blaster shot from one of the members of Brown Squadron distracted the Sith lord for the second required for Dak Jesser to escape. Dak left the system and headed back to the Jedi Temple for rest and preparation for return.

Aftermath (Second Ground Battle)

After destroying the majority of both the Army of Ris'danon's and the White Star Pirates' fleets, Darth Subeth's entire massive ground army of approximately 850,000 soldiers landed on Ris'danon's surface. They were met by little resistance, as Dak Jesser and some Ris'danon ground security soldiers had already destroyed almost all of the battle droids and pirates that had landed. He only had to deal with about 200 Ris'danon soldiers, which his massive army killed almost instantly, though an unexpected bomb detonation destroyed more Sith soldiers than were expected to be lost. The Sith Lord came straight to the Senatorial Council Room and killed most of the senators, after which he finally claimed control of Ris'danon.

Behind the scenes

  • This battle was inspired from Darthfuzzball's personal RPG campaign titled Darth Subeth: The Sith Crisis.


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