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The Battle of Kothlis was a battle in the Dark Order War between the Imperial Remnant forces under the Dark Order of Korr, and the New Republic for control of Kothlis.

Dark Order General Persia had begun an incursion into Bothan Space. Previously captured reconnaissance information had revealed that the New Republic had moved most of its defending fleets further toward the Core Worlds, in order to eliminate remaining Imperial Remnant forces that had been raiding the Republic's infrastructure. As a result, many Republic planets in the Outer Rim Territories were left vulnerable. Using this information to his advantage, Persia took a fleet to Krant and captured the planet. It was then used as a staging ground, where Persia reinforced his initial fleet in order to continue the offensive. Because word of the Imperial capture of Krant did not reach any of the other planets in Bothan Space, the Republic did not have any reinforcements.

The battleEdit

The Imperial fleet, consisting of two Imperial I-class Star Destroyers and a flotilla of Enforcer-class picket cruisers along with Kerl-class Battleships arrived at Kothlis, prompting the immediate surrender of the orbiting XQ3 Platform, which was subsequently boarded and captured.

The New Republic did not have a substantial ground army on Kothlis, but rather moderate-sized garrisons in each of its cities. General Persia selected the planet's capital city of Tal'cara for a primary target, and the city was shortly after put under siege. Imperial infantry consisted of numerous battalions of Imperial Army troopers, supported by stormtroopers. Vehicle support was comprised of 2-M repulsortanks and AT-ST walkers. Swarms of TIE Fighters patrolled over the city, destroying gun emplacements and preventing any Republic aircraft from launching.

Tal'cara quickly became infested with the Imperial troops, who quickly spread throughout the city, having surrounded it from all sides. Companies of troops and vehicles simultaneously moved toward the Republic military garrisons. The Imperial Army troops were not as well-trained as the Republic soldiers, they managed to overpower the defenders with numerical superiority. After the garrisons were surrounded, a series of strafing runs from TIE Bombers demolished the buildings and scattered the remaining Republic troops. After the garrisons fell, the Capitol building was surrounded and captured, with the outnumbered Republic defenders surrendering. After the Capitol's fall, several hundred rebellious citizens armed themselves and engaged the Imperials, taking them by surprise. Although the fighting persisted for some time and resulted with the deaths of numerous Imperial troops, the rebellious civilians were forced to stand down after the planetary representative, Borsk Fey'lya, was found and taken hostage.

As punishment for the revolt, General Persia ordered a crackdown on the city, resulting in mass arrests, abductions, and interrogations. In the subsequent fighting, all stragglers were captured or killed and Tal'cara was placed under Imperial control.


After the capital city was taken, General Persia used the captured representative Fey'lya as a trump card to force other major cities on the planet to surrender. However, a much larger ground force would have to be deployed later to subjugate the remaining settlements, some of which resisted despite the Order's hostage. Prolonged sieges and crackdown operations continued for the rest of the year, inevitably leading to the planet's capture.