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The First Battle of Korriban in 131 ABY was one of a series of contests between Antonio de Borgia and Morlish Veed that ended with Veed’s defeat at the Battle of Felucia a month later; however, on Korriban Borgia was fortunate to escape disaster.

Borgia had been victorious against Veed on Yaga Minor and in the northern territories, but his lieutenants fared less well in the southeast. So he decided to attack Veed directly, and brought 15,000 of his troops from Yaga Minor to Yavin 4. Borgia continued east and occupied Elom.

Moving north towards Korriban, he discovered Veed encamped there with a force of 45,000. Veed saw no reason to risk a battle, since his fleet controlled the area, and Borgia’s troops were short on supplies and manpower, although eventually reinforcements arrived with Commandant Peitros.

Finally Borgia’s fleet was able to break Veed’s blockade and land on the planet’s surface where he tried to surround Veed and squeeze his forces, but Veed was able to cave in the right of Borgia’s line. This broke the advantage of Borgia’s troops and they started to rout, despite personal efforts by Borgia himself to stop them. Instead of charging and obliterating Borgia’s army, though, Veed ordered a halt down his lines, assuming that Borgia veteran crimson guards would never break and that Borgia was setting a trap. Borgia had not set a trap, though, and was lucky to survive.

Today would have seen the downfall of the Eriaduan Empire…had there been anyone to knock it down.
Antonio de Borgia

Borgia withdrew towards Felucia and Veed decamped to follow him, which ended up leading to the Battle of Felucia.

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