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Operation Dark Disease
Coruscant - Taris - Fondor - Bakura - Byss

The First Battle of Bakura occurred during the Dark Order War between New Republic commandos and Imperial forces under the command of Jaden Korr. It took place approximately a month into the year 15 ABY.


In the aftermath of the first two attacks of a terror campaign led by Imperial warlord Jaden Korr, one of the New Republic's top priorities was the destruction of Operation Dark Disease with the elimination of its lead ship, and the capture of Jaden Korr. Fortunately for them, the information on Jaden's project that was stolen by Heglark Ress had provided the Republic with enough information to begin a counter-offensive. According to Ress' data, the location of the operation's lead ship, the Infector, was top-secret, and therefore the only people who knew where it was were Jaden Korr and his highest-ranking subordinates. Because they were unreachable, extracting information from them was not an option. However, the information stolen gave three locations where the Infector's course could be found. The first of them was the Dark Hand, an Imperial II-class Star Destroyer which acted as the mobile headquarters for Jaden's Order. However, its location was also unknown, with the other two possible targets located on Bakura, an Outer Rim planet.

Although the Imperial presence at Bakura had been destroyed 11 years before, the Imperial Remnant, assisting the Disciples of Ragnos, had since then retaken the planet and established several fortresses across its surface. The Imperials, now the Dark Order of Korr, were oppressing the population with unusually high taxes and other restrictions. The New Republic Intelligence Service speculated that these additional taxes were being used to help fund Operation Dark Disease. Additionally, no citizens were allowed to leave the planet, so all personal starships had been impounded, though traders were allowed to stay on-world temporarily. Several riots sprung up in protest to these policies, but they were easily put down, due in part to the presence of dark troopers stationed throughout the planet's cities.

The information on the Infector's location was pinpointed to be at two locations: the main Imperial stronghold on the planet, and a communications outpost designated Relay 21. The stronghold, Salis Omega, was built into the side of a cliff on the eastern side of Bakura's capital city, Salis D'aar. The city and base together were guarded by thousands of troops, making it effectively impossible to infiltrate. Therefore, the only other option was Relay 21, which was located a few miles north of Salis Omega and about half a mile away from Gesco City. Disguised as a regular outpost to avoid attracting attention, it was secretly a well-equipped communications facility which encoded and transmitted orders from Salis Omega to the Infector. As such, it was much more heavily protected than a standard outpost, with a platoon of dark troopers as well as regular Imperial soldiers stationed at the outpost at all times.

The Imperial presence on Bakura was extremely high, but Supreme Commander Dagmar Morlev theorized that a strike force of sixty elite Republic troops could be deployed at the outpost, provided they created two diversions. The first would need to draw some of the Imperial troops away from the outpost. The second would have to allow them to penetrate the blockade in order to escape. While citizens on Bakura were not allowed to leave, traders and businessmen were able to land for whatever purposes necessary, but nobody was allowed outside of the cities, which allowed all inhabitants to be easily monitored by frequent patrols of Imperial military forces. Once the Republic soldiers had arrived, they would capture the outpost and collect all information from its computers that could be used to locate the Infector.


The Assassin-class corvette Razorwire was utilized to transport the Republic strike team, as well as several dozen crates of weapons. Shortly after its arrival, the ship was ordered to station Bakura Sigma for inspection. Disguised as ordinary merchants and crewmembers, the Razorwire's crew claimed that they were transporting protocol droid components for trade on Bakura. Having concealed the weapons in smuggling compartments, they passed a short inspection by Imperial navy troopers and were permitted to land at a public hangar in Gesco City.


The Razorwire's arrival was timed to coincide with a violent anti-quarantine riot against Gesco's small military garrison. The weapons which the corvette's crew were smuggling were brought to arm the rioters with. After rendezvousing with the leaders of the riot and suppling their men with the weapons, the rioters attacked the city's Imperial troop garrison. They overwhelmed the army soldier defenders with superior numbers and killed most of the Imperial troops.

Before its capture, the garrison managed to send a distress signal which to Salis Omega, which ordered Relay 21 to dispatch some of its forces to push the rioters back before they gain a foothold. The stronghold would then send reinforcements. The outpost then trasnported four scout walkers, twelve dark troopers, and fifty stormtroopers to Gesco City via a squadron of Sigma-class loader shuttles. After they arrivwed, the rioters took heavy losses and scattered soon after, but the Imperial troops pursued them further into the city. As this occurred, the Razorwire exited its hangar and left Gesco City, eventually reaching Relay 21. The outpost's defensive turrets, while effective against infantry, were made short work of by the corvette's turbolasers. After the exterior defenses were destroyed, the Razorwire blasted the main door open and the Republic troops piled in to engage the remaining stormtroopers and dark troopers.

Although the Imperial troops clustered around the control room, the Republic's main objective, the commandos were better equipped and trained than the stormtroopers. They also came prepared for the dark troopers, utilizing DL-13 Ion Blasters and HH-15 missile launchers. Although the dark troopers alone were able to kill almost half of the entire Republic force, their heavy weapons gave them the upper hand in close quarters and the Imperial defenders were wiped out.

Once the Republic troops, then down to twenty-five men, had captured the outpost, they entered the control room and hacked into its databanks. From there, they downloaded all communication logs onto a datatape and hastened back to and boarded the Razorwire, which then demolished the outpost with its turbolaser turrets. After the riot had been scattered, the Imperial troops attempted to return to the outpost, but were kept at bay by the corvette's guns. After the vessel had lifted off again, it was attacked by Imperial fighters sent from Salis Omega. Although it took minor damage to its shields, the Razorwire was still able to escape the planet's atmosphere.

Orbital Skirmish

Salis Omega ordered the two closest vessels, an Acclamator-class slaveship and Strike-class medium cruiser, to intercept the Razorwire. The Acclamator launched TIE Fighters and Interceptors, but was ambushed by a Lok Revenant task force, consisting of one Dreadnaught-class heavy cruiser, one Nebulon-B frigate, and a handful of starfighters. The pirates had been arranged by the Republic to distract the Imperial naval forces, allowing their corvette to escape.

The pirate forces engaged the Acclamator, taking it and its fighters by surprise. In order to prevent Imperial casualties, several Kerl-class Battleships and two squadrons of TIE Oppressors were dispatched to eliminate the pirates. Sustained fire from the Revenant capital ships damaged both the Acclamator and the Strike cruiser, but missile barrages from the TIE Oppressors destroyed the Nebulon frigate. Laser fire from the Kerl battleships destroyed half of the starfighters as well, prompting an immediate Revenant retreat. During the fighting, the Razorwire successfully escaped into hyperspace.


Although the Republic troops and Revenant ships took heavy losses, they succeeded in their mission. The information stolen from Bakura provided Republic High Command with the exact route of the Infector. The factory ship had just departed from Belkadan, and was scheduled to rendezvous with a freighter full of resources at an asteroid field near Byss four standard days after its departure. Dagmar Morlev immediately began assembling a fleet, which he personally led Byss to destroy the Infector and end Jaden's campaign.

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