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This article is about a battle during the Third Galactic Civil War. You may be looking for other uses of the term.

Skirmish at Yinchorr


Bombing of Muunilinst

Ambush on Lehon

Third Galactic Civil War


1,011 ABY




Darth Judicar Ein Morgenroete Geist Weiss Darth Exodeus

Iona Peller Bellatrix La Rouge Ras Algethi

Judicar means "final judge", but he was not Peller's final judge. Iona Peller judged herself. She made her own path, her own decisions. Her verdict was her own. Instead, she judged the 'final judge' and brought persecution against him. Darth Judicar has fallen from the mantle of the Dark Lord of the Sith. We must remember her as a woman brave enough to take on the strongest and evilest of the galaxy, in hopes of bringing the galaxy one step closer to being rid of the Sith, to herald us in the direction of a bright future. Though she lost, Judicar did not receive victory.Bellatrix La Rouge, at Iona Peller's funeral[src]

The Ambush on Lehon, codenamed Operation Judgment by the New Sith Imperium, was a battle that took place on Lehon in 1,011 ABY. Originally planned to ambush Darth Judicar by the Imperial Knights after Ein Morgenroete was interrogated, it was actually a Sith plot orchestrated by Darth Judicar, Ein Morgenroete, and Geist Weiss. In the ensuing battle, Iona Peller and Darth Judicar dueled. Judicar slew Peller, but was injured in the process. This weakness was exploited by Judicar's apprentice, Darth Exodeus, who attempted to kill Judicar and stole the throne of the Sith Empire for himself. With Peller dead, Bellatrix La Rouge became the new leader of the Imperial Knights.


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