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The Fire Warriors were a sect of the Gray Jedi Order that relied on their "Inner Flame" to sustain their power. The Flame Warriors considered the Inner Flame to be a very simple concept, perceiving it as "the passion, anger, love and tranquility inside of everyone, rolled into one giant power magnet." A Fire Warrior took the most angering moment of their life and focused on it, which was ideally intended to make their passion and hatred grow. They also used the most loving and tranquil moment of their lives to keep their hatred in check; this was intended by the Fire Warriors to give them the physical prowess without making them susceptible to "turning evil and disrupting the balance."


The sect-specific ranks for the Fire Warriors from lowest to highest were:

  • Growing Flame
  • Flame of Balance
  • Fire of Justice
  • Tamer of the Vornskr
  • Vornskr Master

Patron AnimalEdit

Their patron animal was the Vornskr.