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Fire Squadron was a squadron created by Quinipo Kenkins 17 years before the Clone Wars. The unit was created to patrol hyperspace trade routes. It was a labor of love, as the pilots were not paid much and didn't see much action. The Squadron was famous because of it's sole use of Z-95 Headhunters. When the Clone Wars broke out, Fire Squadron did not become part of the GAR, and insted were still paided by the Republic to patrol hyperspace lanes. However, they became very invovled into several battles and eventually offically joined the Republic's Navy after the Battle of Maryl.


From Humble Beginnings

Quinipo Kenkins started Fire Squadron 17 years before the Clone Wars. Quinipo, who had grown up on Coruscant, first learned to fly when he was 12. He loved Z-95 Headhunter the most, though, and bought one from his uncle. He revamped it from top to bottom. After a brief stint as a member of Coruscant's Air Force, Quinipo decided to join the Hyperspace Trading Route Patrol. He was stationed on one of several Dreadnaughts that the company owned and was one of the best pilots, however, he flew the old Z-95 Headhunter while most of the other pilots flew CloakShape fighters.

After his tour of duty was over, Quinipo went to a cantina on an interesting desert planet, where he met the Saurin Kendre Ort Peda, and the human Jak Weker. The pair were both very into Z-95 headhunters, and they came up with an idea. They wanted to create a Z-95 only squadron that would be employed by the HTRP. Quinipo thought this was a great idea, and they got to work recruiting a crew.

The turnout was very low, with only five pilots reporting for duty. However, all five were very good and made it onto the squad. The squadron was then know as "Desson Squadron", however, that was already the name of a group of pirates, so they became Fire Squadron.

Fire Squadron became part of the HTRP and was rather good at it too. They continued to get respect as the years passed. Every now and then a rookie pilot would join up with them, and after two years of service there were 14 people in the squadron. Quinipo was still the leader, and the other pilots all got along.

Two years after the creation of Fire Squadron, the HTRP Dreadnaught Goliath was sent to settle a dispute between the government on the planet Sesstin 6, and rebels who wanted a genocide of the Sesstin people. These rebels were led by a man named Gar Oyl, a human who preached to the Tensen, the race on Sesstin 6 that were not in control, that their slavery at the hands of the Sesstins was over. He created an army that used junked space craft to deploy a Blockade around Sesstin 6. Fire Squadron, who were stationed on the Goliath, were deployed along with several groups of Cloakshape fighters. They led the attack on the Tensen's castle stronghold. However, anti-aircraft turrets took out a large chunk of the Cloakshape fights, and Fire Squadron lost one pilot. Not wanting to risk his people, Quinipo urged the Republic to get a diplomatic ambassador to solve the problem. The Rupublic didn't listen, and they continued to use Fire Squadron and the other ships to attack smaller groups of the rebels.

Eventually, after over 9 air strikes and the loss of four Fire Squadron Members, the two sides came to an agreement. Quinipo, appalled at the loss of life and resources over such a small dispute, pulled his group's service, and claimed they would never fly under a Republic Banner again.

Dark Era

Fire Squadron was officially homeless, jobless, and were overall gloomy. The Clone Wars were still around 10 years away. They did pitch together to buy a old junked freighter, but it was destroyed when its self destruct mechanism was put into effect.

Down on their luck, Fire Squadron answered a call from the Royal Family of Renns. While they expected to be hotshot pilots in Renns' royal navy, they found out that their new assignments weren't so glamorous. Upon arriving on Renns, they discovered that their new home was a icy tundra wasteland, and that the royal navy of Renns was only three other pilots, two of whom were drunken old men. However, rather then go back on a deal, Quinipo decided to stay and try to help out the Renns royal family.

The first problem they ran into was the ice that would form overnight. In the morning, it would take hours to defrost the Headhunters. Several broke down, and were replaced with inadequate parts. However, Quinipo kept the teams resolve high, and he kept them in fighting fit by having them repeatedly do flight and battle exercises. He even fixed up three other Z-95s so the other pilots could join in.

Fire Squadron saw it's first action after about a year in the service of Renns. A group of pirates arrived overhead, and several managed to make in into the atmosphere. Amazingly, the 12 pilots of Fire Squadron were able to push the pirates away from Renns until a backup group from one of the neighbor systems swooped in to take them out.

Suddenly, a new trend befell the people of Renns. The young men and women, rather then try to farm the harsh land like their parents did,

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