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The Fiderkha Autonomy was the second government that existed on the planet Shiib. It was established just after the Jedi Civil War.


Around 4,000 BBY, the Kingdom on Elecria began a crusade against the planets in the nearby systems. To ease the process, the Elecrians decided to build military bases on several worlds, including Shiib, where they established the so-called Feedey Station in an oasis in the desert.

After the war, the refugee Feerkar used the former base to initiate a full-schedule construction process that resulted in the foundation of the Fiderkha spaceport. Later, the City Administration proclaimed itself independent, but around 3,900 BBY, the city of Baash'Baan, the second state that existed on the planet, tried to put the spaceport under its own control, but repudiated the claim after learning the coordinates of the Autonomy. According to the beliefs of the Baash'Baan government, the spaceport was located in the cursed region, and that was the main reason for their repudiation.

For thousands of years, the Fiderkha Autonomy remained neutral in the majority of historical events, including the Civil War of Baash'Baan and the Clone Wars.

However, in 19 BBY, the Autonomy fell under Imperial control; but the members of the local administration remained in office up to 4 ABY.


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