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The Felucian War was a conflict that took place between the Republic's Judicial Forces and locals around 50 BBY.


Nysillin was a plant whose oils were used in a number of galaxy-renowned medicines; a majority of these plants were farmed by locals on Felucia. These nysillin farms became increasingly threatened by primitive mutant tribes, who raided the farms and used the stolen nysillin (and the farmers' flesh) as a food source. In retaliation, the farmers contacted the Galactic Senate, who deployed the Republic Judicial Forces to Felucia to defend the farms from future attacks.

Conflict and aftermath

For over a decade, Human Judicial troopers fought to liberate farms captured by the Jungle Felucian tribes. While a majority of the farms were returned to their surviving owners, more than ten thousand Judicial troopers were killed in the process. Consequently, the Senate's Militarist members were criticized for their support in such a costly war on a relatively unimportant planet. During the Clone Wars, intelligence gathered from the earlier invasion was used during the Grand Army of the Republic's conflict with Separatist forces on Felucia.

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