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A true jewel of a world in the Unknown Regions.
—Rajh T'Le, Ex-Jedi and Rebel General

A little known world, home of the Feliinyen, T'Or and Lekh-Lekh Species, which would later become mayor players in the Galactic Civil War.


The homeworld of a trio of sentient species, the Feliinyen; a near-human species, the T'Or; a form of humanoid covered in hard rock-like scales, and the Lekh-Lekh; a large humanoid species of crocodilians. These would have a truly symbiotic relationship for millennia which would be the key to later feliinyen success in the greater galactic scheme. However it would not be until the crash landing of an ancient sith warship, abandoned and adrift for thousands of years until drifting into the pull of Feliingna's gravitational shadow, that the world would reverse engineer the technology of the ship and even improve upon it.

Thousands of years later, after having achieved hyperspace technology and having achieved societal zenith, the Clone Wars would break out. Now these foreigners of the galaxy witnessed from afar the horrors of a full-scale galactic war began preparing themselves, building up a defensive force by cannibalizing a nearby planet's moon. Then suddenly, the war ended, and a new galactic government emerged, the Empire.As they have for millennia, they watched over this new government from afar, realizing this was a cruel one that seemed to be all for the gain of one being, and that there was an organization willing to stand up to this government. It wasn't until a Feliinyen Monitor Ship was captured by chance that they were brought out into the spotlight and were declared as enemies of the Empire. Now in the middle of a galactic conflict, they would ally themselves with the Rebellion and various anti-imperial factions and come to challenge the Empire for control of the Galaxy, with the aim to bring lasting peace and security to a galaxy lacking in such luxuries for the most part.

Feliinyen Solar System

The solar system in which Feliingna was located, it was host to 12 planets and over a thousand moons. At the center of the Feliinyen System was the star known as Jugen Velos, a name given by the T'Or in reverence to their sun god by the same name.

Jugen Velos

The star of the Feliinyen System. It is a bright yellow star.


The first planet of the Feliinyen System. It is theorized to be a rouge planet that wandered into the Feliinyen System billions of years ago as it has a completely different orbit from the rest of the system, going around Jugen Velos diagonally relative to the rest of the planets in the system. It is a small dead world with only scorched craters and few geological features. It has no moons.


The second planet of the Feliinyen System. Like Lordos it is a small dead world. Unlike Lordos, it is rich in a valuable metal only found on Dordos known as Dordion, a super durable material used to make the hulls of Feliinyen warships. It has no moons.


The 3rd planet in the Feliinyen System. Unlike the previous planets, it would be one of three planets found in the habitable zone of the system. Being the closest of the three to the star however, this gave it a much warmer atmosphere to the rest of the habitable planets, making it ideal for the first Lekh-Lekh colony to settle in. The planet's most common terrain is massive spanning plains surrounded by grand mountains. The surface area of Serungna was almost perfectly divided between landmasses and water bodies. Other than the main Lekh-Lekh cities that spawned from the first colony, there are other smaller cities of Feliinyen and Torese populace.

Turungna and the 2 moons

The 3 moons of Serungna; 2 small captured asteroids and a larger moon that is nearly a carbon copy of Serungna on a smaller scale.


The 4th planet in the Feliinyen System and the 2nd in the habitable zone. It is the main world of the system, being host to the most ideal habitat for development, being the homeworld of all 3 sentient species native to the system and having the most abundant ecosystem of the 3 planets and their moons.


The largest of the 2 moons of Feliingna. It was once a barren crater-ridden moon until several million years ago, when Ordos was thrown out of the Tora planetary system by her host planet and captured by Feliingna. Once Ordos entered the picture and began taking all the meteor strikes that would've otherwise be meant for Kariingna, Kariingna was given a chance to recover from the endless barrage of meteors and would eventually come to have a breathable atmosphere and harbor life along with its host planet, Feliingna.


The Moon of Kariingna


A dead moon set astray millions of years ago by its then-host world, Tora. It would eventually wander into Feliingna's gravity well and be eventually captured by Feliingna, making it a permanent piece of the Feliinyen sky.


The Moon of Ordos


The 5th planet of the Feliinyen System and the last of the habitable worlds. Being the furthest of the 3 habitable worlds, it was considerably colder than the rest. Despite the frigid temperatures, life found a way and Tulangna would be host to the harshest life in the system that was capable of sustained life in an often sub-zero environment. Tulangna has 17 moons of varying size, none of which is habitable.


The 6th planet of the Feliinyen System, it is a massive lifeless rocky world of comparable size to some small Gas Giants. It was found to also contain vast amounts of Dordion and as such would be heavily mined to make the ships of the feliinyen navy. Tora has 212 moons, none of which is habitable. However like their host world, many of these moons are rich in Dordion.


The 7th planet of the Feliinyen System. Its is a small dead world much like Lordos and Dordos, however unlike those two, it is found inside a massive asteroid field between Tora and Mimas. It has no moons.


The first of the 5 gas giants of the system and 8th planet of the Feliinyen System. It is a relatively warm gas giant rich in many gases used by Feliingna, ranging from the fuel used for the ships and weapons to the gases used in everyday appliances like cooking. Mimas is host to over 200 moons of ranging size and composition, none of which are habitable.


The 9th planet of the Feliinyen System and the 2nd gas giant in the system. It is similar to Mimas but has nearly twice the mass. It is host to about 600 moons of ranging size and composition, none of which are habitable.


The 10th planet of the Feliinyen and the 3rd gas giant of the system. It is of different composition to the other 2 gas giants, being composed of mostly toxic gases that despite their deadliness, give the planet a beautiful range of colors which when combined with the massive rings around the world make it the most spectacular sight in the system. It has over 300 moons of ranging size and composition, none of which are habitable.

Arisva & Hesisva

The 11th and 12th planets of the Feliinyen System, as well as the 4th and 5th gas giants. They are both composed of mostly neutral gases that don't have much application for much. Arisva and Hesisva both share the same orbital space around their star, as they swirl around each other. These 2 planets have the largest relative distance from any of the orbital positions, being far enough from Elbreun and Fordos to not affect them given the erratic nature of the Arisva/Hesisva orbit. Neither world has moons due to their unusual orbital pattern.


The 13th planet of the Feliinyen System and last. It is a completely frozen iceball of a world. Fordos has no moons and is completely inhabitable, despite having an atmosphere.


The Royal United States of Feliingna, as known internally. Externally the Feliinyen government is known as The Royal State of Feliingna due to an error in translation upon being introduced to the Galaxy, however due to this, the name stuck.

The Royal United States of Feliingna is a Composite Government formed out of the three dominant countries of the planet; The Royal State of Feliingna,The Torese Republic, and The Lekh States. The planetary leader has always been the monarch of The Royal State of Feliingna as a means of keeping the peace.

The Royal State of Feliingna:

The dominant of the three governments. Feliinyen people are not only the dominant species, but they are also the most common sentient species on the planet. It has been due to the presence of the feliinyen species that the T'Or and Lekh-Lekh have not wiped each other out, brokering a peace between the species. The Feliinyen monarch will be the firstborn son/daughter of the current Dynasty. The monarch will serve as the leader of Feliingna until the next inheritor has come of age and passed all the necessary criteria to succeed the current monarch. A new Dynasty is chosen every 10 generations.

The Torese Republic:

The T'Or people's country, which over 2000 years prior had been at war with the Lekh-Lekh. The T'Or leader is decided via democratic elections ever few years.

The Lekh States:

The Lekh-Lekh country, composed of several dozen Lekh Clan States. The Lekh president is chosen from the leaders of the Lekh Clan States every few years. The Lekh were at one point in ancient Feliinyen history at war with the T'Or.


The Feliinyen military is divided into multiple branches, each fulfilling a central mission.


The Naval Branch of the Feliinyen Military. The primary fighting force of the military as well as the largest. The Feliinyen Navy's mission is also the broadest, ranging from offensive missions to logistics.

Category - Capital ships of the Feliinyen Navy

Notable Navy Members:
  • Captain Jo Treus (Feliinyen)
  • Captain Azreel Koreen (Lekh-Lekh)
  • General Rajh T'Le (Human/Twi'lek Hybrid)
  • Lieutenant (And later General) Quilio T'Le (Mirialan)
  • Captain Kayne Slaier (Feliinyen)

Fighter Corp:

Originally a sub-branch of the Navy, the Fighter Corp despite its name, handles most small craft ranging from fighters to bombers to small freighters and such. The mission profile of the Fighter Corp is primarily defensive, with an offensive sub-mission being present in their few bombers.

Category - Ships of the Feliinyen Fighter Corp

Notable Fighter Corp Members:
  • Commander Reilu Kantan (Feliinyen)
  • Commander Ren Dafaar (Feliinyen)


The boots on the ground that keep territory after the Navy and the Fighter Corp have finished taking it. Despite being a lesser branch, the Army has multiple sub-branches.

Command Force:

The command branch of the army, composed mostly of rank officers that lead the Automated Forces.

Notable Command Force Members:
  • Sargent Lokheehk Jucan (Lekh-Lekh)

Automated Forces:

The primary branch of the army, composed of mostly Drone Soldiers commanded by Command Force personnel.

Notable Automated Forces Members:
  • R3-T33 "Threes" (R3 series astromech)
  • FB-1807 "Bee" (FB series astromech)
  • FL-410 "Forten" (FL series astromech)
  • BM-55 "Alan" (BM series Droid Infantry Commander)

Army Fighter Corp:

A specialized branch of the army the specializes in Atmospheric Fighters used to ward off any enemy air presence. The atmospheric fighters used by this branch are more than capable of going toe-to-toe with aerospace fighters used by enemy forces and coming out victorious.

Notable Army Fighter Corp Members:
  • Commander Amero Kindred (Feliinyen)

Armored Forces:

The branch that handles armored ground vehicles ranging from tanks to APCs and even a select number of walkers and hover-craft.

Notable Armored Forces Members:
  • Lieutenant Vosh (T'Or)

Special Forces:

The specialized branch, all members of the Special Forces receive special training and conditioning to make them perfect for their given mission. It has 2 sub-branches.

Shadow Force:

The spec-ops branch of the military, it handles all the intelligence gathering as well as all the dirty jobs, ranging from spying to assassination. This sub-branch operates certain warships, fighters and vehicles.

Notable Shadow Force Members:
  • Commander Forlo (T'Or)

Royal Guards:

The smallest sub-branch in the entire military, this branch handles the protection of the Government's leaders, including the Feliinyen Monarch, the Torese Leader and the Lekh President.

Notable Royal Guard Members:
  • High Paladin Emera Jussen (Feliinyen)

Behind the scenes

This world was created as the primary world of a new faction in a Star Wars Roleplaying game.

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