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Feldirjo was the homeworld of the Ossaki. A member world of the Golden Empire, it was located in the Unknown Regions.


Feldirjo was a world primarily covered with water, although many of the bodies were seas and large lakes. A wide variety of sea life existed in the watery depths of the world's oceans. The world had only three continents, twisting around one another and enabling relatively quick trips between shores even before the arrival of repulsor technology.

Feldirjo had many mountain ranges, and many of these included volcanoes, nearly all of them active, though some more regularly than others. Most coastal regions experienced monsoon seasons, although occasionally a storm would blossom into a hurricane. Earthquakes were not uncommon in inland regions. The piphulyoth was a distinctive member of Feldirjo's native flora.

Many of Feldirjo's native species were heavy and multilegged, and few avian species flourished on the planet, given its chaotic weather.

Feldirjo's single sun was called Shavo, named for the Ossaki sun god.

Society and culture

The native Ossaki were a warlike and violent people, and conflict among them was regular until the arrival of the Golden Empire. They were also deeply religious, and the Ossaki religion ascribed personalities to the various forces of nature that so strongly affected their lives. Ossaki cities were well-fortified, but also included less-defended outlying regions where crops were grown.

Sailing was a necessary fact of life on Feldirjo, both for trade and warfare, and seamanship was highly prized before the Empire. Even after the introduction of repulsor vehicles, many Ossaki continued to enjoy traditional travel over the seas, although they did embrace the introduction of durasteel vessels and engines.

Ossak clinch wrestling was the dominant martial art of Feldirjo, having arisen to address the needs of soldiers who were disarmed or closed beyond melee range to hand-to-hand combat. After Feldirjo joined the Empire, it became a fairly popular combat sport; while usually only Ossaki were physically capable of participating, clinch wrestling tournaments drew bets in casinos across the Empire.

Piphulyoth horticulture was a competitive event on Feldirjo, especially in later times after warring states were unified under the Golden Empire.


Feldirjo was a relatively geologically young world, which contributed to its uncommonly frequent earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and other natural disasters. The four-armed Ossaki were theorized to have evolved from six-legged creatures, the additional legs providing more stability on the ground, where other evolutionary chains of the species with fewer legs had been killed off.

By the time the Ossaki evolved sentience and began to develop permanent settlements, Feldirjo had settled enough to allow it, though it remained a dangerous world to its inhabitants. Many Ossaki preferred to risk storms near the sea than earthquakes and volcanic eruptions further inland. Successfully building a city within striking distance of a volcano was considered either a sign of favor from Segrod, the god of fire, or open defiance of his wrath, and was thus pursued with care.

As time went on, the Ossaki settled most of the arable land throughout their world and set to making war upon one another. Ossak leaders openly prayed for natural disasters to befall their enemies, and when such prayers happened to coincide with disasters, Feldirjo's capricious geology was taken as an endorsement of that leader by the gods.

The Golden Empire arrived on Feldirjo in 91 ABY. The Ossaki massed to face the Royal Army of Rin Sakaros, but her Massassi hordes were more than a match for them. So ferociously did both the Massassi and Rin herself fight that, by the end of the eight-day Battle of Feldirjo, half the kingdoms which had surrendered to Rin were actually fighting their fellow Ossaki on her side.

The Ossaki quickly incorporated modern technology into their world, using advanced sensors to predict and plan reactions to Feldirjo's violent weather, and building cities capable of withstanding much of nature's fury. Many Ossaki moved offworld; since the Golden Empire had forced peace among them, large numbers joined the Royal Army to make war on new and exotic targets.

Feldirjo was attacked during the Nightmare War, but unlike many other besieged worlds, the invaders had bitten off more than they could chew with the tough, resilient, and violent Ossaki, who drove off their attackers before reinforcements from the Empire even arrived.

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