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Fel Paladins?"
"Like Knights, but we're a little better than our brothers and sisters... we use our talents to get what the Fels want... right now, that's just hunt down and eliminate every Sith we find... that includes you!

Unidentified female Zeltron Sith and Haly Rha[src]

The Fel Paladins, or Fel's Paladins, were a ad-hoc group of Imperial Knights tasked with extermination of any members of the One Sith they came across, by Master Antares Draco and Empress Marasiah Fel, as well as anyone in league with them.[1]


After the final death of Darth Krayt, the disappearance of One Sith, and the formation of the Galactic Alliance Federation, Imperial Knight Antares Draco and Empress Marasiah Fel created an ad-hoc group of Imperial Knights to hunt down and exterminate any remaining Sith and their allies.[1]

Sometime after their formation the group adopted the name 'Fel Paladins' believing themselves honored executors of the Empress' will; while on a planet in the Outer Rim, apprentice Haly Rha tracked a Sith disguised as a representative and executed her.[1]


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