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Chiss era

The Federation of Free Planets Army was the land branch of the Federation of Free Planets, founded in 143 ABY by chancellor Aaron Rahn. It was formed out of the remainder of the Galactic Alliance Army.


The army was founded in 143 ABY during the awakening of the Federation of Free Planets. The Galactic Alliance Army was reformed into the Federation Army following the Galactic Alliance Remnant's transition into the Federation. It served as the main force in ground operations, with exceptions to certain special squads and other official units.


Federation Trooper

Federation trooper

The Federation army was largerly composed of simply Federation troopers and small squads used for special reasons, ranging from infiltration to hit-and-run tactics.

However, various variants upon the Federation trooper have been created, most based upon planetary climates, for example the Arctroopers. Units with different weapons have been created as well, like the Federation Aerial Support troopers.

Command structure

Almost all Federation squads and organizations followed this command structure.

  • Corporal: Corporals led a small squad composed of four troops.
  • Sergeant: Sergeants led a standard squad composed of eight troops.
  • Junior Lieutenant: Led two squads of eight troops (16 troops).
  • Lieutenant: Led a platoon consisting of four squads (32 troops).
  • Captain: Led a company composed of four platoons (128 troops).
  • Major: Led a battalion composed of four companies (512 troops).
  • Battalion Commander: Led a specialized battalion. (Varies).
  • Junior Colonel: Led a regiment composed of four battalions (2048 troops).
  • Colonel: Led a brigade composed of four regiments (8192 troops).
  • Junior General: Led a corps of four brigades (32768 troops).


In many battles, the Federation Army was known to utilize vehicles.



Mechanized infantry


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