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During the Great Alliance War and afterward, the Federation for Freeing the Republic, abbreviated the FFR was a group of worlds, thirty-seven to be exact, which came together and concluded the Galactic Republic was in a state of weakness and corruption ruled by a tyrant who is pretending to be the Supreme Chancellor. They decided it was their duty to free the Republic.

The worlds became an alliance but later changed to an all out governing body. The government controlled every planet in that agreed to join and was like a mini-Republic of all sorts. They changed their name to the Federation for Freeing the Republic once they became a government.

The FFR signed the Mand'alor-Chiss-Exchange Pact and joined the Triple Tsad in hopes that they would help free the Republic and create a new Republic that would rule forever. They were wrong, however, and the Triple Tsad's real plans were quite the contrary. The Triple Tsad wanted themselves to rule the galaxy.

At the end of the war, and after realizing the actually intentions of the Tsad, the Federation for Freeing the Republic declared war on its former ally but was destroyed. It was the first of several uprisings.

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