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Fay was a Jedi who had attained the rank of Jedi Master in 703 BBY. She was the daughter of vaunted Jedi Master Sidian Greystone, although the fact of their relationship was kept secretive due to more orthodox Jedi views. Fay studied under her father for a season before working apprenticing under another master. Upon receiving the rank of Jedi Master, she initially sought to refrain from taking a Padawan. Instead, she volunteered for an assignment in the Outer Rim to negotiate peace between two skirmishing planets. After her venture in the Outer Rim, she returned to Coruscant and was assigned as protection detail for Senator Awa Moonflower of Seswenna. Grand Master m'Ord Vinka relieved Fay of her duties, but she stayed on the planet to monitor the situation. Moonflower perished in the outbreak of a parasitic plague, and GIN Special Agent Evening Delwynn arrived to investigate. Before departing with Agent Delwynn, Fay sensed the young girl Dawn Starskipper still alive amidst the effected community. Fay then temporarily joined her father in helping Agent Delwynn investigate the crisis. As the climax of the Seswenna Security Crisis came, however, Fay was sent across the galaxy, aiding the effected planets in their struggle.

Behind the scenes

Initially, the assignment of the character to the canonical Jedi Fay was done by Aban Fiolli after not being satisfied with other options. It was determined to tie the backstory of Fay into the Seswenna Security Crisis. To heighten the inter-relational aspect of the Golden Age of the Republic series, she was originally typecasted as Sidian Greystone's niece; later, she was placed as his secret daughter.


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