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This isn't a war. This is the end.
Yyl Hala

The Fauthian devastation was a major galactic conflict that took place over one hundred years after the Second Imperial Civil War and Darth Wredd's insurgency. Emerging from the Unknown Regions, the warlord Raixan Fauth unleashed a massive fighting force upon the unsuspecting Galactic Federation Triumvirate in the hopes of pillaging the whole of the galaxy and destroying order within it.

Centuries of allowable complacency had left the Triumvirate utterly unprepared for an invasion of this magnitude, and early battles of the conflict were crushing defeats on their part. The New Jedi Order responded only slightly faster, comprehending too late the exact nature of Fauth's threat in the Force. As a result, Fauthian forces were able to smash their way through the Outer and Mid Rims with little resistance, the horde's numbers swelling with each new bit of territory "liberated". Kyren Zath managed to form the Triumvirate Subversive Intelligence Service in the middle of the chaos, hoping to aid sentient beings who found themselves trapped behind enemy lines. This organization would soon become all that remained of the Triumvirate; their attempted defense of the Core Worlds managed to stall Fauth for a time, before he broke free and took Coruscant rapidly after. The dominant Galactic government effectively dissolved, allowing Fauthian troops to spread out from the galactic center with ease.

This and the success of the New Jedi Purge, which crippled Luke Skywalker's Jedi, lead to the beginning of the Galactic Interregnum, a period of time in which Fauth and his forces worked to continue razing the galaxy and prevent any new major governments from forming.


Asrai cult massacre

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Preparing for war

Rebellion of Lucen Solayr

The conflict

Early campaigns

Formation of the Underground

And while we're all panicking and prepping for a war here, those people out in the areas he's already claimed are suffering! [...] Leave the job to me. With your permission, and a small amount of the Triumvirate's resources, we can build a force that will fight Fauth behind his own lines. We can save those who are hurt and deal as much damage as we can. We'll figure out how to defeat him in his own backyard–or die trying, if need be.
Kyren Zath

Extermination of the Jedi

Early Purges

Taivas and Ossus

The Order Falls


Core World Subjugation

Fall of Coruscant

The New Era


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