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Post-Legacy era

He doesn't even seem to care too much about the planets that he conquers. He takes them, and then throws a governor at it and sees if he sticks. All that results is a loose group of most of the planets in the galaxy that bow before him.
Anhri Claynes explaining the structure of the Fauth State.

The Fauth State, its members often informally and derogatorily referred to as Fauthians, was a loose and informal government established by dark side warlod Raixan Fauth that nearly conquered the galaxy. Made up of the planets that had fallen under he and his forces, they were simply governed by a single Governor who was placed in charge of each planet, had complete control over the populace, and where usually equipped with a small contingent of Fauthian troopers and some of their variants in order to enforce order and their decisions. As the invasion progressed and stability began to reach the conquered parts of the galaxy, Fauth ordered that larger governing bodies be placed on these worlds, but it is unknown if such measures where followed or not.

Their primary opponent, aside from the Triumvirate military, was the Triumvirate Subversive Intelligence Service, an underground group that constantly attacked and belittled Fauthian forces in the Outer RimWild Space, and the Unknown Regions, even manging to inflict several victories upon them, the most notable of which was the Battle of Hideaway. In response to the results of the battle and the destruction of the Aranyan holocron, Fauth ordered the Second Great Jedi Purge, in which any members of the New Jedi Order in or outside of Fauthian space where to be hunted down and killed. It was a marginal success, with the SIS helping large amounts of Jedi reach safe havens while thousands, if not millions more died, especially in the ill-fated Battle of New Tython.

Following the Fall of Coruscant, the Fauth State become the dominant political body in the galaxy.


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