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FastLane Couriers (sometimes abbreviated FLC) was a shipping business owned and managed by Antifol Wolt. Based on Anaxes, FLC owned several ships and contracted others; among its many employees was Gravo Fenjen, who was captain of one of FLC's ships. Antifol, a Humanocentrist and partisan of Valin Aresh, used FLC to occasionally arrange information drops with the Sith Lord's agents. In 1,387 BBY, Gravo smuggled Second Besh and Third Aurek onto Anaxes to assassinate Supreme Chancellor Phnyong.

Deducing that FLC was involved with business in Sith territory (although not the full extent of Antifol's duplicity), the Jedi and Pols Anaxes Police raided FLC's ships and warehouses. After Antifol committed suicide, FLC's ships were impounded.


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