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The FarSpace Mercenaries was a mercenary company and criminal syndicate founded by the Zeltron crimelord and socialite Lady Alaris. The organization would be nameless until the group established it's headquarters in a Core Ship lost during The Battle of Corusant rechristened the FarSpace Star.


The mercenary group was born out of an auxiliary squad of the Grand Army of the Republic active during the Clone Wars. The mercenary group was inadvertently established by a botched mission to the planet of Tatooine. One of the founding members, a mercenary only know as Gabe sold the squad's starship in an attempt to end the mission quickly. The mercenary was to be court martialed for his reckless actions when his squadmate Rhil Shadow came up with a solution. Alaris would resign her commission as a Republic officer and form a legal mercenary group. Gabe's contract would be transferred to her organization, and said organization would contract to GAR as a private military contractor. Rhil Shadow would take Alaris' commission and become the liaison officer between Mu Squad and the contracted mercenaries. After returning from a dangerous mission in service to the Republic Mu Squad was betrayed by Rhil Shadow's former superior Wilhuff Tarkin and the Galactic Empire. Faking their deaths and escaping Imperial custody, Rhil Shadow joined the organization outright now that he considered himself unwillingly a brigand. The group would use navigation data stored in their astromech droid "Sparky" to find the lost core ship from a previous mission and make it their base. The Farspace Mercenaries gained a reputation as a small, but effective player in the world of criminal enterprises. The group would to the Black Suns, Hutts rebel groups even occasionally the empire in order to quietly build up its resources and influence.


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