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CT-5557, more commonly called Falvo, was a clone soldier who served the Galactic Republic at the rank of captain. He trained cadets on Kamino, being known for his kindness.


Similarly to a great number of other clones, Falvo was grown on the planet of Kamino for the Grand Army of the Republic so that one day he became involved in the Clone Wars and started his service to the Galactic Republic the system at the rank of captain.

Once upon a time, Falvo appeared at the final examination of the Gamma Team, which Spike, Moster, and a few other clones belonged to. The latter fainted during the trial, though he retook it in one week and passed it positively, as he crashed all of the droids within a relatively short period of time. Falvo went forwards in order to congratulate him on the results, and Moster unexpectedly shot at him, luckily without comminitting a murder due to the armor that the Captain wore. Soon, Moster turned out to have his brain infected with a fluid affecting his behavior, forming part of a larger plan of the C.I.S.

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