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The districts and major thoroughfares of Eriadu City

Fallia Hill was a residential district of Eriadu City on the far east side of the city. It was almost exclusively residential, with an enclave of industrial buildings in the lands adjacent to the Eriadu City Spaceport and the Eriadu City Naval Base. Originally more wealthy than Mansion Hill, it was on the upper tier economically of the middle class. This area was largely known for its strong pro-Republic stances. It became the heart of the Arrain Makila political party, and Casei Solus carried this district by an overwhelming landslide when she challenged B'Rhea in a planetary election. As a result of this political leaning, B'Rhea initiated heavy taxes on residents there and stripped the district of many essential services. Even so, the district survived and remained one of the more elite areas of Eriadu City.

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