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Fall of Marrakesh

Kedd'ej War


227 ABY


230 ABY


Marrakesh system


Pyrrhic Kedd'ej Covenant victory

Major battles

Kedd'ej Covenant


The Fall of Marrakesh, also known as the Marrakesh campaign was a campaign of the Kedd'ej War between the New Mandalorian Crusaders and the Kedd'ej Covenant spanning three years—from 227 ABY to 230 ABY—of engagements consisting of ground battles and numerous skirmishes in orbit above the planet.

During the campaign, the New Mandalorian Crusaders were commanded primarily by Field Marshal Ran Dyre and the Kedd'ej Covenant's forces were commanded by Badal Raj. Throughout the course of the battles, the Mandalorians and Kedd’ej forces were held at a stalemate for majority of the campaign until the last days of 229 ABY when the Kedd’ej commander Badal Raj unleashed a biological weapon, annihilating several battalions of Mandalorian forces as well as his own.


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