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Faabeck was a Jedi master originating from the Wookiee species who died in 19 BBY's Battle of Kashyyyk.



Faabeck was born upon the planet of Kashyyyk, from where he was taken to the Coruscant Jedi Council. Once diagnosed with a high potential in the Force, he was assigned to Karaabeck as a padawan. Even once appointed a master, he ran a lot of missions with him, as he was relatively calm and very capable of the lightsaber combat.

Battle of Gabilla

In 186 BBY, a conflict with the Buzzan Guild broke out, escalating as the time went on. Quickly as it came to the first battle, Jedi negotiators were shortly killed by the guard. The battle of their family planet was participated in by the Wookiee whom his master kept company along the way. When the Jedi spotted a ship of the enemy flying relatively close to the ground, he shot with a hook blaster, climbed up the vehicle, and slit it apart with his lightsaber, after which inserting the equipment inside the cut-out crack. The ship blew up and crashed into others. The Wookiee, on the other hand, and his master noticed a dark Jedi. Soon, a duel was fought, with the Jedi defeating the adversary.

Clone Wars and death

In the Clone Wars, the man ran a large range of missions, including that on the planet of Raser. It was the action during which he clashed with General Grievous, who was close to winning if it were not for the droids approaching. During the Battle of Kashyyyk, Order 66 was issued, and as he slid down a rope, clones shot him down.

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