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Ezlo Boriy was an Elecrian captain during the waning days of the Old Republic. He served under the Administration of Elecria. He joined the Elecrian revolutionaries just before Battle for Elecria.


While Elecria was part of the Senb'An'Tiin Confederacy, Ezlo Boriy was just one of the security officers, because the planet was deprived of the right to create an army. Instead, Elecrian and Anarmarian forces were maintaining order in the streets.

However, after 31 BBY, the Elecrian revolutionaries became more active, and together with their new leader Yazil Sayakaz, they were planning to start coup d'etat. Later, a strange droid called ZID-17 contacted the Elecrians and told them that they should join Count Dooku and his Confederacy of Independent Systems.

In 22 BBY, Yazil decided to form the first military units. He secretly recruited Elecrians for the ground forces of Elecria. The Trade Federation offered an army of battle droids, so Yazil founded a group of Elecrian Snipers, and Ezlo Boriy, who was the best among the riflemen, was appointed as the leader of this organization.

In 21 BBY, when the Anarmar forces arrived, these snipers were used to annihilate the enemy. Ezlo Boriy was most pleased to learn that the forces of their allies like Techno Union were less prepared than the Elecrians.

However, when the Clonetroopers arrived, many of the snipers were killed in the very first minutes of the Battle for Elecria. Upon seeing the possible outcome of the struggle between CIS forces and the Republic, Ezlo decided to leave the system.

Personality and traits

Ezlo Boriy was a perfect marksman, but he was not a leader, per se. He did not have the talents of Yazil Sayakaz, and of course, Ezlo was a less honorable and brave person than the leader of the Elecrian revolutionaries. He thought he could achieve his personal goals in a war that lied ahead. However, he was frightened by the power of the Republic, so he decided to flee instead of protecting his world.

It was believed that Yazil Sayakaz would execute the Captain Boriy after learning of his traitorous intents.


Boriy death

Death of a coward.

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