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She was like a mother to me. I don't think there's ever lived a greater woman.
Theron Shan

Eyna Therall, better known by her alias Shrike was a Human female from Chandrila, an esteemed, decorated agent in the Republic Strategic Information Service, and Theron Shan's mentor. Born on the agriworld Chandrila in the Galactic Republic, Eyna was abducted by the Sith during one of their many invasions of the Republic worlds, and was later sold to the slaver Machus Harn in the Slaver's Republic, where she would spend several years before escaping on her own.

She was taken in by the Republic Strategic Information Service after being found by the young Jedi Padawan Bela Kiwiiks on Raxus Prime, with whom she would develop a strong friendship over the years. She was trained as an agent by the SIS, specializing in martial arts, weaponry, and undercover field work. She would receive numerous accolades after uncovering a plot orchestrated by the Justicars' Brigade to blow up the Senate Building, cementing her position as a hero of the Republic and a respected operative.

The Republic would eventually face a new threat in the guise of the Shadow League, a mysterious and well-organized criminal syndicate led by the equally elusive Shadow Broker, dubbed the "lord of all crime". Together with her husband and partner Devon Therall, she worked to dismantle the Shadow League and uncover the identity of its leader. They were eventually anonymously tipped off by a Zabrak by the name of Vergak, who revealed the location of the Shadow League's headquarters; a massive station known as the Shadow Fortress on the planet Tarilla. With a small attack squadron Eyna and Devon led the attack on the Shadow League's fortress, confronting the famous Shadow Broker. Much to her horror, however, the Shadow Broker was none other than Dorne Teague, her former childhood and teenage lover back on Chandrila. This meeting was shortlived after Teague died in an explosion that destroyed the Shadow Fortress.

In the following years, Eyna remained quiet on this particular mission; never revealing Teague's name or position as the Shadow Broker to anyone. She would go on to mentor Theron Shan, the secret son of Jedi Master Satele Shan and Supreme Commander Jace Malcom, as well as becoming the Director of the Republic Strategic Information Service in her older years.

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