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The Exiled

The Exiled was a group of mostly Chiss and Human rebels lead by the Jedi exile known as Daenard Salec. They were a group of freed outer rim residents who waged war on the evil Galactic Empire.


A New Beginning

Daenard Salec Began his rebellion after the destruction of the Jedi Order by Order 66. He was Exiled from the Counsel long before that, and for unjust cause. He slowly made attacks on the Empire, and slowly gained followers as he did so. Soon he had thousands of Chiss and Humans and other sentient creature's flocking to his aid in the rebellion against the Empire.

First Attack

The first attack Daenard and his followers made was on the Imperial held world of Keerjjal, Daenard's homeworld. This famous attack was later known as The Liberation of Keerjjal After a gruesome campaign The Exiled were able to relinquish Imperial control and take the planet as their own. It became capital for the group as they ventured further into the outer rim, collecting followers and liberating slaves of the Empire. slowly the group gained in strength until it was one of the most powerful organizations in the galaxy. it was not long until the Empire waged total war against the Exiled, and that's when Daenard and his followers gained even more power than ever.

Shelling of the City Nu'untuar

Daenard Salec's next attack was to be on the planet of Seerkull, Kalord's homeworld and a home to a great number of mercenaries.

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