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Who is this Exhart?"
A friend...

—Genu Toi and Ford Avern.

Exhart Wyan Martineus was a Human male born into the community of the Galactic Republic in the year 12 ABY. An excellent soldier from a young age, Exhart was part of the Republic Military forces before multitasking as both an admiral of the army, and a cloning scientist.

He began experimenting with a sample of his DNA, specifically a drop of blood, in order to create a living clone of himself, and the successful result was given the name Danny. He became the spokesman for the Republic Army during Senate meetings.

In 50 ABY, when many citizens left the Republic for forming newer governments, Exhart forwarded a motion in creating a brand new clone army, with him being the genetic template for the entire army. After hours of debate, the Supreme Chancellor finally supported Exhart's suggestion and his motion was carried after being voted by all Senators present.


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The total number of clones produced from Exhart's DNA sample, which was a single drop of his blood, was over eight trillion products, excluding a billion dead failures.

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