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The Ewok Revolt was a conflict that occurred on the planet of Elk around 18,000 years prior to the Battle of Yavin. A group of Ewok pilgrims, who had settled on the world a half-century before, became resentful of the poor treatment they received from the native Elkonian species, and jealous of the amicable relations they shared with the planet's Wookiees, who had settled on Elk several centuries earlier. The Ewoks revolted against their oppressors, and this began a bitter four-year war.

Though the Ewoks fought with all their might, they could not stand up to the brute strength of the Elkonians and Wookiees. The uprising was put down, and all the Ewoks slaughtered. However, the tenacity of the Ewok forces was enough to earn the respect of the Elkonians, and they eventually built several monuments to the bravery of the Ewok soldiers.

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