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Evon Gane was a Jedi serving the True Jedi Alliance during the New Republic and New Jedi Order eras. He was a member of the Gan Clan of Twi'leks on Ryloth. He was the son of Ronin'gan and Janen'gan, as well as the twin brother of Catherna Jogan-Gane. He was married to Ralka Naegontuh Gane, and had a son, Toven Gane. He also owned a droid, TC-54.

History Edit

Birth (14 BBY) Edit

Evon was born on the Starferry on 14:5:22 BBY, following the New Republic calendar. When the ship was attacked by pirates, he and his sister were ejected in separate pods. A nearby freighter caught Evon's escape pod and then sold him into slavery on Tatooine.

Slavery (14 BBY - 3 BBY) Edit

Evon was raised for slavery on Tatooine, where he worked for a Toydarian named Junga. In 3 BBY he fell asleep while working at Jabba's palace. The restraining bomb on him had fallen off, so he took his chance and escaped, boarding a passenger ship and sharing a room with a stranger.

Early life (3 BBY - 19 ABY) Edit

The ship arrived at Nar Shaddaa, where the stranger tried to sell Evon back into slavery. He escaped, but would spend a few years homeless. In 6 ABY he got Oopatcha the Hutt to buy him a house.

In 15 ABY Oopatcha decided he was done waiting and wanted his money back early. He sent the bounty hunters Nati, Kulo, and Dehajiim to capture Evon. They were about to kill him when he was rescued by Kugahtaro Leihai. The Jedi told him he was Force-sensitive, and he joined the True Jedi Alliance, and traveled the Galaxy with them to such places as Bespin and Kuat. During these trips he met and fell in love with Ralka.

Exile (19 ABY - 25 ABY) Edit

In 19 ABY Evon was promoted, and was sent on a one-year exile as part of his induction. He went to Ryloth and Tatooine to learn about his family, and met Akalee'gan and Hacoh'gan. He then learned that his parents had died on the Starferry, and headed back to the TJA early in his depression. He then found that he might have a sister, Catherna Jogan-Gane, but did not abort hyperspace because it was too dangerous. When he arrived at the TJA's hiding spot, he saw the TJA's ship being attacked by New Republic fighters, who had labeled them as terrorists. He was hit and drifted away, and after using Force hibernation, he crashed into Kashyyyk. His ship crashed in the ocean and he nearly drowned until Kuntugga saved him. But soon an anakonna came and chased them into the ship and swallowed them. After being imprisoned for quite a while Evon resorted to using Force lightning to irritate the beast into puking them up, and again to scare it away. Later in life he was troubled by the move's Sith connotation. Kuntugga then stole some ship parts from the nearest colony and repaired the ship, though he told Evon he bought them, and they traveled the galaxy together for a few years, since Evon believed the TJA to be dead. During this time Evon met Catherna and found that she was his sister.

In 23 ABY Evon found that Ralka had survived the attack, and they got married later that year. In 24 ABY they had a child, Toven Gane. But their time with him was short-lived, as the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the next year, and they decided to join the battle. Toven was sent to live with his aunt Catherna.

Yuuzhan Vong War (25 ABY - 29 ABY) Edit

Evon and Ralka went to fight in the war, and served independently in several battles, including the Battle of Fondor, the First Battle of Coruscant, the Battle of Mandalore, the Battle of Corulag, and the Liberation of Coruscant.

Final Years (29 ABY - 36 ABY) Edit

Evon and Ralka lived together raising their son on Corellia, down the street from Catherna. Evon and Kuntugga remained close friends until 31 ABY, when they went out drinking together at a cantina. Evon made a joke that the always temperamental Wookiee took offense to, and Kuntugga attacked him. He threw Evon across the room and charged at him. Kuntugga's anger was so strong that it momentarily summoned the dark side of the Force in him, giving him tremendous strength. Evon panicked and drew his lightsaber and quickly chopped the beast in half. He raced home and avoided his wife's questions about what happened to Kuntugga for a full year before confessing to Ralka. He still told Toven that "Uncle" Kuntugga had simply gone off by himself.

In 36 ABY, he and Ralka sensed a Force cry, and realized it came from the True Jedi Alliance's leader, Vrool Katare. They sent Toven to Catherna and followed the cry to Ossus. When they got there, they found that only Kugahtaro Leihai had died in the battle. They also found that their leader had called them to launch an attack on the New Jedi Order's conclave that was currently form on Ossus. They all agreed and charged on the temple as its attendees were leaving. They quickly began the battle, and Katare leaped off to personally fight Luke Skywalker. Evon recognized Gadden during this battle, who was now with the New Jedi Order, but still spared his life as he had with all of his other opponents. Later, while inside the building, Evon accused Ralka of being a Sith because of her extremely brutal battle tactics. She got angry and attacked him, chopping his head off.

Personality and traits Edit

He believed very highly in his master's ideal that murder was the worst thing anyone could possibly do, and made sure to only perform non-lethal attacks on his enemies. Evon was usually care-free, but he did have emotional moments. He was very humorous and was rarely serious. He was sometimes critical of other people, and expected them to be open-minded enough to not get angry. He was well-read, and often visited libraries, usually reading about famous battles or generals.

Talents Edit

Evon was a skilled Jedi, and was known to double-wield lightsabers in tight situations, though he preferred one. He was also a good negotiator and knew how to say things in a nice way (when he thought of it). But he had little control over his force powers due to his lack of training, sometimes breaking things because he pushed them too far or hard.

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