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Evil as Reborn Chapter One: Interception

A huge cruiser emerged from the hyperspace, with crewmen aboard who spent the two last days in search of a certain artifact that went missing in the Cloud City as many as eighteen years before. Although the mission was commanded by the famous, elder senator Lanever Villecham, once known for being the New Republic Chancellor, the fact of carrying it out was maintained top secret, as the elegant weapon which his subordinates retrieved would not be despised even by the least experienced bounty hunter.

Now, continuing to occupy an armchair on the craft's bridge, Lanever Villecham was polishing the found artifact, whose appearance was exactly as Senator Leia Organa had described it to him.

"How did you enjoy the mission, Madam Admiral?", the former chancellor cut off a moment of silence. "I have to thank you for a comfortable journey."

The thin figure of the woman twintched and then turned around towards the Tarsunt. Interestingly, she did not have a uniform on her. A shame to admit, but her tight dress slightly violated the Republic's Military Code.

"I'm pleased I could help you", she responded. "On the other hand, I'm very much satisfied I will make it for the upcoming Military Council's sitting. I want to occur there very much."

Lanever Villecham reflected the woman's smile. He really liked her, especially since she did not resemble a typical officer of the fleet.

As the senator kept starring at the woman, realizing her beauty to a wider extent with every second passing, an alarm resounded in the cockpit.

"Alarm! Alarm!", one of pilots screamed. "We're being shelled!"

"Impossible!", the Admiral screamed as loudly as possible. "We've almost arrived!"

More and more frightened by the unexpected attack, it was not until then that Lanever Villecham perceived that the woman decreased in beauty when getting nervous. The feeling that rose in such a short period vanished even quicker.

"I'm afraid I'll have relegate you, my dear", said the senator as he stood up from the seat leaning on his cane. "From now on, you will be known as a Vice Admiral, Miss Holdo."

Lanever Villecham closed his eyes and lifted his head, showing a proud face. He did not manage to speak, though, since the cruiser became surrounded during their conversation, in a way so that it was now aboard a much bigger craft.

The ship was boarded by the enemy's soldiers, comprised of Gungan-shaped droids, which started shooting at anybody with exception to Lanever Villecham and Vice Admiral Holdo.

With most officers and pilots slaughtered and the couple of survivors being in the very middle on the bridge rimmed by a squat of robots, the room was entered by a masked character.

"Good morning, Senator Villecham", he or she said and then approached Holdo in order to kiss her hand, which sparked off the former chancellor's envy. "My respect, Madam Admiral."

"Vice Admiral", the adversary was corrected by Lanever Villecham. "Will you be kind enough to tell me what you're here for?"

The masked figure turned around and started walking around the captives, taking long steps at a time.

"I do not intend to harm you. Actually, neither do I intend to harm anyone", he or she said.

"…which can't be said about your droids", the enraged Holdo added.

The masked opponent took a deep breath and then exhaled a stream of white gas, being released by little cables on his helmet.

"What can do, that is the way they were designed by Shmi Skywalker", the character said. "They shoot at any officer, which no one had cared about before. You, Madam Admiral, have been skipped on the other hand, which can be related by your clothing. You look great in this purple dress."

Lanever Villecham went more ballistic than ever before.

"Let's stop this meaningless conversation!", he screamed eventually. "Tell us what you're here for, or kill us without waiting!"

"Let's say you will serve as my bait", the enemy answered the senator's question. "Long have I been seeking Luke Skywalker and his apprentices so as to truncate them like a crop. In a moment, Senator, you will make contact to the Jedi, and once they've arrived… the time will come for their end."

Those words slightly placated Lanever Villecham. He was glad to hear the weapon he had had acquired and was now holding in his pocket was not the adversary's attack's aim.
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