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There is always a reason why I do something.
—Evening Delwynn[src]

Evening Delwynn (née Cara) was a Special Agent and lead investigator of the Major Case Response Unit in the Governmental Investigative Network. She was the lead investigator into the dealings of Senator Hanik Regueny of Commenor, an investigation that uncovered a conspiracy behind the Seswenna Security Crisis. Delwynn's personal life became entangled with her investigation, however, when it was revealed that Avar Zranik was one of the leaders of the conspiracy. Zranik was one of the beings involved in a bank heist on Alsakan that resulted in the death of her husband and daughter.



Born on Alsakan, Delwynn was raised by her father and mother in a small community near the Alsakan Mosaics. She was the first of two daughters, with Twilight being eleven years younger. Like other members of the Cara family, she was drawn to law enforcement as a career path. Instead of studying on Alsakan, Delwynn traveled to Coruscant at the age of seventeen, having finished her primary education and began training in the Judicial Forces Academy. With her strong intellectual capacity, Delwynn was initially trained in espionage. She became a skilled fighter with both a blaster and vibroblade, but she was not satisfied with the career choice and considered returning to Alsakan. Because she stayed, Delwynn met a young man named Shmuel Delwynn, an Alderaanian arts student at the Coruscant Art Academy. They married a year later, in 723 BBY, both at the age of twenty. As a wedding gift, a close mutual friend, Servius Valorum, bought Delwynn an advanced utility droid that she nicknamed "Emra."

One year later, Delwynn became even more disillusioned with her espionage career and shifted her focus to other studies. She took a course on investigative techniques that was being taught by Jedi Master Sidian Greystone—a special guest instructor, specialist in artifacts and investigative archeology, and member of the Jedi Council of First Knowledge. Greystone noted Delwynn's intellectual ability to solve quandaries and make assumptions to guide her investigations and recommended that she change from espionage to investigative studies. Delwynn succeeded in the new career choice and graduated one year later, becoming pregnant during that time. All the while, she remained in close contact with Master Greystone.

After graduating, Delwynn gave birth to a daughter and began applying for part-time positions to help pay for expenses. The family moved to Alderaan, where she took a position in the Alderaan Planetary Police force. Through attrition, she became a lead investigator in her branch office within three years, while Shmuel Delwynn remained the primary care-taker at home. A close friend of her husband, newly-elected Coruscanti Representative Servius Valorum encouraged Delwynn to apply for an opening within the Governmental Investigative Network. The position was a simple investigative role, but it was also on her homeworld of Alsakan, at the GIN Alsakan offices. Delwynn was accepted and, by 717 BBY, was chosen to succeed her former team leader as the head of the investigative unit.

Personal crisis and career growth

Delwynn during her time in the Judicial Forces Academy

714 BBY became a turning point in Delwynn's life. A series of bank heists occurred across the Core, Alsakan included. The Alsakan heist took place in her hometown of Port Taormina at the AlsaBanc branch. During the Alsakan heist, however, Shmuel and Mally Delwynn were present outside the bank. A rocket was launched at their vehicle by one of the robbers, mortally wounding them. When Delwynn arrived, her husband was dead and her daughter was pinned to a tree by the vehicle. The girl had her lower body entirely crushed, and the vehicle was the only thing preventing her from bleeding out. Delwynn held the girl in her arms as she died. The moment went on to haunt Delwynn for years to come, and she launched her own personal investigation into the incident, even going so far as to steal files from her coworkers to make copies. She also relied heavily on her droid to store and analyze the information, and it became an integral part of her team as a tribute to her husband.

Focused to her maximum for justice and motivated by the apparent ineptitude of the police to provide closure, Delwynn excelled as an investigator. She leaned heavily on Master Greystone, the Valorum family, and her younger sister for emotional support and became increasingly reclusive to all others. Professionally, she caught the attention of GIN Director Pelmar Aiden, the man who had initially hired her into the GIN. Aiden continued to push Delwynn hard and promoted her to the position of lead investigator for the Major Case Response Unit by 711 BBY. She was seen as the most respected and gifted investigator in the whole of the GIN. As a result, she was eventually given the opportunity to put together her own team, as she saw fit, from across agencies and organizations.

During her professional growth, Delwynn became reacquainted with Eloban Slorfit, a former peer at the Judicial Forces Academy and fellow GIN investigator. They developed a strong friendship and partnered on numerous occasions to solve mysteries that stemmed across the galaxy. Slorfit, who was permanently stationed on Thyferra, eventually became the head of the Thyferra branch and offered Delwynn a position there as an assistant director. Wanting neither to leave Alsakan nor sacrifice the position she had within the GIN, Delwynn turned down the opportunity. Seeing this, Director Aiden realized that Delwynn wanted no part in politics and began to trust her with the most sensitive of cases. Her record over those years was among the highest in the organization, putting away scores of murderers, thieves, and other criminals. Delwynn was also given the opportunity to personally interview and select virtually any member of her team that she desired. She chose a Twi'lek forensics expert named Asana Lani around 709 BBY and the two quickly began a partnership and even mentor-pupil relationship that lasted for years.

Delwynn came into possession of a ship around this time as well, which she christened the Mally, and had it modified to be used as a traveling home and office facility. With Director Aiden's permission, the ship was permitted to be used for official GIN business, with fuel and food reimbursed when logged distances were turned in. She was given access to forensics equipment and Lani was able to piece together a small but fully-functional forensics lab in one of the rooms. Delwynn also had one hallway secured with a containment room to transport a prisoner or person of interest in a manner that adhered to Republic laws.

Seswenna Security Crisis

Delwynn in the Alderaan Planetary Police force

703 BBY, Delwynn was charged with the task by Director Aiden to embark on a secret mission to investigate Senator Hanik Regueny of Commenor. Anonymous tips about possible corruption with Regueny had been given to Delwynn's friend, Senator Servius Valorum, and he in turn handed them over to the GIN with the caveat that Delwynn be in charge of the investigation. Agreeing, Delwynn was asked to have a Jedi with her on the team for the first time. The agent reluctantly agreed, taking the Omwati Jedi Knight Shalli. Yet, another slot needed to be filled with the reassignment of two of her longest-serving agents due to promotions. Delwynn considered an Ithorian for the task but was not confident with the ability to pilot her personal craft, the modified Traverser-class vessel, Mally. The Ithorian was skilled in numerous other ways and had substantial potential, in her opinion. She opted to set her sights elsewhere, however, and stumbled upon the pilot for Senator Valorum. He, Lieutenant Waron Danstari, was chosen in spite of his lack of training as an investigator. Delwynn also viewed it helpful to have someone outside of the GIN, but in the Judicial Forces, to keep the mission secretive. Conveniently, Danstari was looking for a fresh start to his career after feeling stifled as a diplomatic chauffeur because his superiors had prevented his advancement elsewhere.

Delwynn traveled to the small moon Qina in the Minha system of the Outer Rim to converse with Master Greystone, who was doing research on the moon, and to spy on Senator Regueny, who had planned a meeting with financier Catiene Gallien and bounty hunter "Grems" Lind. Following the meeting, Delwynn and forensics expert Asana Lani met the new team members, who had been brought by Valorum to the Outer Rim. Shortly thereafter, the situation devolved into a firefight and chase, resulting in the death of Lind, the kidnapping of Regueny by three Rodian bounty hunters, and the apprehension of Gallien by Delwynn. Greystone, who had assisted in the skirmish, agreed to help once his work was complete on Qina.

Following the leads, Delwynn traveled to Eriadu and was able to track Regueny's movements. He was later found dead in the Eriadu Convention Center, having been brutally assassinated. The agent followed leads to Denon and rural parts of Eriadu, the death toll mounting and stifling investigation. During this time it was revealed that Avar Zranik, the head of Eriadu Interstellar Enterprises was behind much of the conspiracy. Delwynn was shocked by this discovery and revealed that Zranik was the man she had been hunting for the death of her family on Alsakan eleven years prior. Emotionally jarred, Delwynn finally revealed some intimate details to her team in confidence and charged them with finding Zranik at all costs.

Following protocol, Delwynn was forced to take Gallien to Slorfit on Thyferra for detainment. During the prisoner transfer, the team was ambushed. Delwynn's team and Gallien survived with only minor injuries, but two Thyferra-based agents were killed. Delwynn then traveled to Seswenna, following the death of Senator Awa Moonflower. She picked up the Jedi Knight Fay during her time there and surveyed the distruction left behind by the Death Seed Plauge. Delwynn and Fay stumbled upon a teenage girl, Dawn Starskipper, and rescued her from the planet before returning to Eriadu. As the investigation developed, including the looking into dealings with Czerka Arms, Shalli, the Jedi Knight assigned to Delwynn's team, began an emotional and mental spiral downward that rendered her incapable of continuing. With this and the growing crisis, Supreme Chancellor Anwis Eddicus and GIN Director Pelmar Aiden recalled Delwynn to Coruscant to discuss what needed to be done.

Personality and traits

Danstari: Delwynn seems like she would be as tough as a boma in interrogation.
Shalli: In the Jedi Order, we would take it easy on her right now.
Danstari: Maybe, but Delwynn isn't a Jedi.
Shalli: No… no, she's not.
―Lieutenant Danstari and Jedi Knight Shalli, as the interrogation of Catiene Gallien was imminent[src]

Delwynn arresting a criminal at blasterpoint

Delwynn was an intense individual, who was strongly dedicated to her work as an investigator. Motivated by her own personal losses and the lack of justice she encountered, the agent tirelessly pursued her investigations. She was most often stoic and collected in the presence of her team and others. Only to her close friends did Delwynn willingly express her emotions and show her lack of inner peace. She had high demands and expectations of those around her, pushing and motivating them to meet her standards of excellence. As a result, she was sometimes seen as abrasive, pushy, and overly reclusive. In interrogation, she was fierce and knew how to properly execute tactics that yielded the best results within the confines, even if only barely, of the Republic laws.

At the same time, Delwynn lacked substantially in interpersonal relationships. She was close to Master Greystone, the Valorum family, and Eloban Slorfit; but other relationships were largely professional only. As a result, she periodically suffered burnout and in those cases returned to Alsakan to commune with her only living relative, her sister. These moments, however, were done in a typical Delwynn fashion, as she retreated quietly and inconspicuously, only to reappear a few days later. Even while there, she was "constructive"—repainting walls, rearranging furniture, and other related activities. While on the Mally, she consumed her free time with sleeping and drawing on paper in her personal quarters.

As an investigator, Delwynn was gifted with strong observational skills and a high intellectual aptitude to process the information discovered. Her creativity allowed her to speculate as to potential scenarios, but she equally relied on the hard work and diligence of her team. Whereas Delwynn possessed strengths intellectually, she struggled with mechanics and engineering. She was unable to repair her droid or ship when damaged, and it took years for her to become acquainted with a datapad.



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