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Te'vas'il, nicknamed Evasi was born and raised in Imperial space on the planet Ord Mantel. Her family had left the Chiss to see the other parts of the galaxy. They finally ended up on Ord Mantel where they settled down.

Evasi was born a year after her parents (and two older brothers) had moved to Ord Mantel. She is the first known member of her family to be Force-sensitive. As a young girl she spent her time playing with the other young boys and girls in her neighborhood.

One day an Imperial Knight showed up in the city that Evasi's family lived in. The Knight had come to speak with the leader of the city. He noticed the Chiss family that lived in the area. He met the parents and could sense Evasi's sensitivity when she came into the room.

He told the girl's parents that she was Force-sensitive. This news startled the parents. They considered what to do with her. After nearly a month of considering what to do they finally decided to send her to the closest Imperial Knights academy.

Evasi was accepted into the order easily. In her early years she was taught the ways of the Imperial Knights and the light side of the Force. She continued to focus on her blade usage. She focused on Form IV: Ataru.

By 1,001 ABY Evasi had become a Knight. Evasi had been trained for years now. When she'd come to the Knights she had been about eight years old. She had studied galactic history for thirteen years.

In 1,002 ABY Evasi was sent on a mission in Alliance space. She was tracking down a fugitive that had escaped from her when she'd arrested him. She was hot on his tail.

While searching for him Evasi heard about the Sith's return. At first she didn't believe it. Then, when she heard about Emperor Elyurius's death, she realized that the Sith had returned and had indeed taken over the Empire.

Evasi gave up her search. Believing that the Imperial Knights were all but gone, she became a bounty hunter. She started working mostly for Hutts and Alliance senators.

Durring this time she worked to improve her powers. She refused to let anyone get in her way. Evasi was becomming a strong bounty hunter. She was competeing and wasn't letting anyone else get a bounty she was after. If they beat her, that was another story.

In 1,011 ABY Evasi discovered that the Knights were still existing. They were residing in Alliance space. Evasi kept an eye on the Knights. She wasn't sure she wanted to re-join them.

When Evasi heard about the attack on Seoul V, she decided that the Knights could use some help. However Evasi had trouble finding any members. She knew that not all of them could be dead or imprisoned by the Sith and Chiss.

She kept looking and found some that had avoided the attacks. They continued to search for the others.

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