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Eva Bigdreamer was a Human Jedi Knight and adopted sister of Dave Bigdreamer.


Early life (25 ABY to 34 ABY)

Beginnings (25 ABY to 26 ABY)

The child-to-be-known as Eva Bigdreamer was born to unknown parents in an unknown city on Naboo. For an unknown reason, her parents were disgusted with her Force powers. So, in 26 ABY, they left her in a store unattended and left the planet. By the next day, she was in an orphanage.

Eva Bigdreamer (27 ABY to 34 ABY)

The next year, she was adopted by Darlwan Bigdreamer and Lisa Hatte, and named Eva. She quickly formed a bond with her new brother, Dave Bigdreamer—who was Force-sensitive as well—and his friend, the Chironian Na'Ma. Eva's connection to her brother led her to develop a dream of becoming a starship pilot, similar to Dave’s dream of becoming a starfighter pilot. By 34 ABY, Eva had developed her Force powers considerably, so she went off to the Jedi Academy on Ossus with her brother.

Early Jedi training (34 ABY to 35 ABY)

While Eva had a rough start, she eventually rose to become one of the brightest members of the post-Yuuzahn Vong war class. She later developed a moderate level of popularity when she helped prevent a criminal's destroying of the academy; albeit at the cost of her left leg from the knee down.

Later Jedi training (36 ABY to present)

By the middle of her third year, Eva was able to build her first lightsaber. She also started learning how to pilot a starship, and by the end of her fourth year, she had become an adept pilot.

Powers and abilities

Eva was adept in Form II of lightsaber combat. She also had the unique ability to deduce someone's criminal history by how many lies he or she told. One of her most noticeable talents was the relative ease she had with piloting large starships.

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