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Etesutr Hapor was a Human male politician from Corellia who served as Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic from 12,987 BBY to 12,980 BBY. Prior to Hapor's election, the Republic had stopped expanding into and colonizing parts of the galaxy's Mid Rim region due to the Hutt Empire, a criminal empire in the Outer Rim Territories, due to the Hutt's belief that the Republic was attempting to invade its territory. This policy changed under Hapor, and the Republic once again began furthering its colonization of the Mid Rim with outposts and settlements. Hapor's actions angered the Hutts, and it made them believe that they had further proof of the Republic's attempt to invade their space.[1]

After his seventh year in office, Hapor resigned as Supreme Chancellor, becoming one of the few individuals to ever resign from the Office of the Supreme Chancellor. Homer Anthony Salandra was elected to replace him. One year later, the Hutt War began between the Republic and the Hutts. Hapor was blamed by the Republic for supposedly being a cause of the war.[1]


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