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The Escape from the Providences was a small-scale battle between the Republic and remaining Separatist forces on board a Providence-class capital ship which would later become known as the Survivor because of the battle. The objective of the mission was to eliminate the rogue battle droid Unit A-10 so that the escaping droids were deactivated, but as the ship A-10 was in had already escaped, the target switched to A-10's second in command, OOM 33.

Events of the battleEdit

OOM 33 was overseeing the droids under his command, making sure that they escaped safely. The Republic had learned of this, and sent out a battalion of clones and two Jedi to stop the droids, but they arrived too late, as only one ship remained in the area, preparing to leave. The battalion immediately landed in its hangar, and battled with the crew members on board. They killed many droids, and the battle appeared to be won, but luckily for the Droids, Order 66 was ordered during the battle. The clones surrounded the two Jedi, and once Skywalker had force jumped out of their midst, the clones opened fire, killing the other Jedi. This now left Darth Vader to lead the clones throughout the rest of the battle. However, Unit 933, who had been itching to take on another Jedi arrived in his Advanced Geonosian Fighter and started a duel with Vader, leaving the 104 remaining troopers to fight off the vastly superior number of Droids. When their number was reduced to just 42, the Clone Troopers went to find Vader, and overpowered 933. They then fought their way back to their two CR20 troop carriers and Jedi starfighters left, leaving the remaining droids safe to travel to Providence. They were only able to take one Jedi starfighter, and the other was left to the droids, who gave it to X'Doc, a dark acolyte working for them.


After the battle, all of the remaining droids made it to Providence, and founded the Droid Confederacy. Unit 933 was repaired and continued to serve as a general for the DC. The ship which the battle had been fought in was modified by the DC's engineers and became the flagship of their navy. OOM 33 named it the Survivor because of all the battles it had been involved in which it had survived in one piece.

Anakin Skywalker and the remaining troopers returned to Palpatine. Though the battle had been unsuccessful for them, they were informed that it did not matter either way, as Order 66 had worked exactly as planned.

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