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The Erzan Order originally known as the Zin Family Jedi Sub-Order also known as Zin Family Sub-Order or Zin Sub-Order was a branch of Gray Jedi in the New Jedi Order. The branch was created by Kale Zin when members of the Order asked him to join and Kale said that he would join the Jedi Order under the condition that they allow him to create a Gray Jedi sub-order inside the Order.

However the Zin Sub-Order, unlike most Gray Jedi, believed that the Force was in fact good not indifferent. The ultimate belief was that the Force was a good living being and that there was an other "force" at work in the universe that wished to manipulate, copy, and outdo the powers that the Force created.

Later the Order disolved because members of the sub-order decided to go back to the ways of the Jedi.

Centuries later Jedi Knight Qyv Xinn discoverred Pock Zin's journal and found out that there was more to Zin's beliefs than what his son had used. Pock's ultimate belief was that the Living Force was a living being that created and transformed the universe over time. He also believed that the Force was in fact a good being not indifferent or conflicted. He reffurred to the Force as Ellunvir.

Pock believed that what the Jedi viewed as the Dark Side of the Force was in fact an other being that was created by the Force that wanted to overpower the Force or become equal to it. He called it the Dark Power

Pock later found that there was not just two beings but a completely innumerable amount. Most of them followed Ellunvir and some of them followed the Dark Power. Pock believed that these creatures and Ellunvir were what gave sensitives their powers. He chiefly believed that Ellunvir gave powers as a gift and that no matter who you were you could use your powers for Ellunvir or for the Dark Power. A person had to make a choice to choose witch side they wanted to follow.

Pock later put all of these things into a holocron which was found two years after Qyv found Pock and Kale's journals.

All of Pock's beliefs were the beliefs of the Zin Order.





Ellunvir was what the Erzan Order called the Unifying Force

Arven and Luven

The Arven and Luven were the gods most consitantly worshipped by the Erzan. Below Ellunvir, as they were created by him, the Arven were seven dieties known for their loyalty to Ellunvir.

Two dieties known as former Arven were Lirz and Morzak. These two Arven turned against Ellunvir and subsequently their fellow Arven. They, along with many Luven, including their queen, Sila, were banished from the Netherworld forever for their betrayal.

The first Luven were created by Ellunvir through the poetry and song of the Arven. All the following Luven were their children and the children of the Arven. When Sila, the queen of the Luven, was banished for her betrayal with Lirz and Morzak, her husband Karez became the husband of Lirz's wife Cirne, therby making him an honorary member of the Arven, and worshipped as such. Jusal and Palena, the other two original Luven, were then made King and Queen of the Luven.


The Kizen are the Erzan's version of the Dark Side of the Force. The Kizen are Nexiv, Bogan, Vilzera, and the Luven who followed them. Lirz took the name Nexiv and then renamed Sila, Vilzera and Morzak he called Bogan. Vilzera and Nexiv had a son, Xelvir. Vilzera then married Bogan and together they had five children. Nexiv married Bogan's daughter, Qirvalla, to keep Xelvir from marrying her.

                                  Erzan Pantheons
                      Ellunvir                        Kizen/Dark Side
                          |                                    Nexiv
         +---------------------------------+                     |
         |         |      |      |         |              +-------------+
  Mirzan-+-Virda Vizrah Ashla Lirval Cirne-+-Karez        |             |
         |         |      |      |         |        Bogan-+-Vilzira   Xelvir
         +---------------------------------+              |
                          |                          Other Kizen
                     Other Luven
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