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Eritaé was a female Human who served as one Amidala's handmaidens during the Invasion of Naboo.


Two years later during the Clone Wars, Eritaé continued her career where she, along with Rabé, Teckla Minnau, and Dormé accompanied Senator Amidala to arrange a secret meeting on Naboo, along with several senators. She and Rabé boarded the ship to await their mistress while Teckla and Dormé stood with Amidala while she was having a quick word with Anakin Skywalker. Suddenly, the cruiser exploded, killing everyone onboard, including Eritaé and Rabé.

Behind the scenes

Eirtaé was portrayed by Friday "Liz" Wilson in The Phantom Menace. She will be voiced by Jennifer Hale in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars.


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