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It was a vacation in a real winter nightmareland. And how was the food? I wasn't lichen (sic) it.

Erishpamhwen was the third planet in the Wem Dalane system, one position further from the sun than Eniam. Like its neighbor, it had a porous crust with only a small molten core, but its surface was quite different. Eniam was at a good distance from Wem Dalo for life to exist all over the planet, however most of Erishpamhwen was too cold for all but the hardiest of species. At the equator, the planet grew boreal forests where non-native beings could survive.

When Eniam was conquered by the Empire, it was largely ignored. After Eniam was liberated, a small colony was established in the cool forests of the equator. The settlement was named Tornok Quo, Eniaman for "Only Colony" or "Only Outpost".

Years later, Eniam again came under attack, this time by the Yuuzhan Vong. Again, Erishpamhwen was ignored, except for a division of the New Republic fleet under the command of Jedi Knight Aiddat. Aiddat himself was shot down in the battle and lived on the planet for the remainder of the war with the colonists, who abandoned all ties to the rest of the galaxy to hide from the Yuuzhan Vong.

Behind the scenesEdit

Erishpamhwen is a corruption of New Hampshire backwards, like Eniam is Maine backwards. However the planets are only based on the states by name.

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