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The Eriaduan Military was the authorized enforcement arm of the Eriaduan Empire. It was responsible for carrying out military operations throughout the Outer Rim Territories under Eriaduan control as well as maintaining order on Eriaduan member worlds, governorships, colonies, and protectorates. Its soldiers followed a strict code of conduct. The military itself was under the direct control of Eriaduan High Command.


The Eriaduan Military was essentially a massive militia made up of civilian volunteers, and the organization had no formal rank structure, so descriptive titles like "commander", "captain" and positional titles were used in place of actual ranks.

The Eriaduan forces were divided into three principal branches, each with a specialized task. The Land Attack Force was used for ground assaults. The Space Attack Force was responsible for space operations, the protection of space lanes, and the transportation of all LAF troops. The Mobile Assault Force not only acted as an auxiliary force but the military’s assorted intelligence services, research projects, resource-mining operations, and Special Forces teams fell under the umbrella of the MAF. Since membership was made up of only the elite, its forces were more than a match for the numerically superior new Empire.

Branches of the Eriaduan Military included:

The Eriaduan Military also had ties to the Secret Police, though it wasn’t a branch.

Personnel and vehicles


Due to the humanist nature of the Eriaduan Emperor, Antonio de Borgia, the Eriaduan line forces were comprised of battle droids. B4 battle droids, the most common, were the backbone of the Imperial military, serving as the Empire's infantry forces, much like the Separatist Droid Army during the Clone Wars. Some battle droids were old models left in storage from the Clone Wars, but Emperor Borgia decided to start manufacturing new models from old designs in an attempt to bring the archaic droids up to current military standards. The Empire only maintains battle droids for use as infantry forces though the old OOM-series also saw limited use in other places; ship crews, pilots, technicians and most other personnel are men and women. The Empire also maintains an elite force of shock troopers known as the Crimson Guard.

An Armored Assault Tank.

Ground vehicles

The Eriaduan Military fielded a variety of vehicles for ground assault, including modified versions of the Separatist Armored Assault Tank and Heavy Artillery Gun among others. Emperor Borgia believed that with technological upgrades, the removal of the central control computer, and the added bonus of sentient officers, his army would be on par with and surpass that of the droid armies of the past.

Eriaduan Fleet

Heavy Cruisers

The Heavy Cruiser Class warship is a fast, well-armed space warship in the Eriaduan forces. Designed as high-speed cruiser and armed with powerful cannons. Its central deck can house a full fighter wing, and is equipped with 2 vertical launch linear catapults adjacent to the bridge tower for high-speed takeoffs.

Heavy Carriers

The Eriaduan Heavy Carrier is a large warship that can carry a vast amount of fighters and deploy them rapidly using the special open drop-deployment system employed on either arm of the ship. They also have extensive bridge facilities for service as flagships. She is operated in a battle group or formation as the flagship, usually escorted by other vessels.


This immense battleship, twice the size of heavy cruisers and heavy carriers, was created to serve as the flagship of the Eriaduan Fleet. With a dozen starfighter catapults and batteries of huge cannons, a Dreadnought is virtually a fleet unto itself.

Light Cruiser

These cruisers are more lightly armored versions of their larger cousins. These light reconnaissance vessels are loved by Eriaduan commanders for their high-speed and due to their lightly armored nature they also have extended cruising ability. These vessels are preferred by the Land Attack Force for transport due to the fact that deployment across large expanses can be achieved at a much quicker pace than with some of the larger vessels, though a lot more of these are required to transport large forces.

Support ships

The Empire used various support ships to supplement their larger capital ships. They varied in size and power, but each was still a force to be reckoned with. They were more specialized than Heavy Cruiser Class ships, and though cruisers were the backbone of the Fleet, support ships were more commonly used, unless a major battle was at hand.


A series of mass production fighters introduced by the Eriaduan Empire after the their breakaway from the new Empire. After evaluating several different machines in a design competition, Eriadu selects the Remora as the basis for the CB-series, but the design undergoes significant changes due to the beginning of the Ascension Wars. The Second Stage Series, which is developed after the start of the Ascension Wars, introduces several new technologies.

Starfighter Corps

The Eriaduan Starfighter Corps served as a part of the Space Attack Force. It was charged with the sole duty of operating spacecraft, the most notable of which were the CB-series of starfighters. While it was an independent service alongside the other branches of the service, it relied on the other branches for security, deployment, and logistics support.

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