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Legacy era

The Eriaduan Executors, or the EX as they are more commonly known, was a Special Forces organization of the Eriaduan Empire whose members reported directly to the Emperor.

The members of this elite organization operated outside the regular Eriaduan command structure, and had the authority to plan operations and give orders on the battlefield as they saw fit. EX membership was awarded only to individuals with distinguished combat records and excellent personal qualities.

In 130 ABY the EX was under the leadership of Caterina Sforza, with the Vaclav Havel as her second-in-command. It was the EX who, in 133 ABY, escorted Emperor Antonio de Borgia to safety when the Rosen Kreuz Orden seized control of the Empire.


The standard uniform for EX members was a series of black robes. However, due to the nature of the organization most of its members were allowed to customize the uniforms in any manner they wished.

Each member of the Eriaduan Executors was no ordinary man or woman, they all possessed special abilities that aided them in their missions. For example, Executor Vaclav Havel had an “Invisible camouflage” system implanted within his body, allowing him to become completely invisible.

Loyalty to the Emperor

All members of the EX swear an oath of allegiance to Antonio de Borgia himself, as opposed to the Order of Judges who are forsworn to the office of the Emperor. This plays a major part in the Rosen Kreuz’s attempted coup, for it is the EX that aid Emperor de Borgia in his escape from the palace in Eriadu City.

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