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The Eriadu Convention Center was a massive complex in Eriadu City on the planet Eriadu. It featured a cylindrical-shaped glass tower that included the Hotel Eriadu, the hexagonal Seswenna Hall concert facility, a two-story block of meeting spaces, and the Gymnasia Eriadu sports arena.


Seswenna Security Crisis

During the tenure of Anwis Eddicus as chancellor of the Republic, an investigation was launched into the doings of Senator Hanik Regueny of Commenor by the Governmental Investigative Network. The GIN tracked Regueny, who had gone missing, to Eriadu where Special Agent Evening Delwynn went into pursuit into the convention center. All the while, the Seswenna Hall was hosting a special opera concert for Eriadu Interstellar Enterprises. The senator was taken to a hotel room in the complex, but taken into the meeting room area as Delwynn's team continued in pursuit. There, Regueny and another individual were killed. An explosive was placed in a ventilation shaft at the scene of the crime and the perpetrators fled. When the body was discovered by Delwynn, she sneaked the body out of the building by using a rooftop access and fleeing through a back door back to her speeder. With her team out of the convention center, the explosive detonated.


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